What is self-commitment? What does it take to really commit to your promises and follow through in spite of the difficulties that arise along the way?
Self-commitment is a promise to follow through on your accountability, or a promise to perform your intended actions. We all try our best to experience good health, inner peace and freedom. In order to experience these, we each require different things given our individual differences. So making a commitment to reach your potential requires a mindset and behaviour that supports that creates the lift you want and deserve. That is the true value, of commitment and self-discipline.
When we want to create some change in our life, it starts with a decision. Once we contribute to this decision then we can start calling this a commitment. A commitment to proactively lead your life on your terms.

So how do you build the self-discipline muscle?
We all want to be focused on determining the actions to support self-discipline and stay focused on the path to our goals.

What is committing to your own self mean?
It’s your level of commitment to what you’re doing that is going to decide your level of success in it. Sadly, most people just stop after the ‘wish’ part and hardly take the pain to commit to their dreams. Probably that is what stops them to be successful in any endeavour. Let’s get this straight that there is no shortcut to success. The only way to be successful is to take the long road and follow your pursuit with a hundred percent dedication and commitment to it. However, the road to success isn’t easy as it sounds to be.

Commitment to yourself is a daily practice.
Below are the key reminders for you to really ‘commit’ and take yourself and your goals seriously:

Identify your Motive
Identifying and understanding why you want to do something is the first step to staying committed to personal development. Envision the difference it will bring to your life if achieved. Once you identify the purpose and benefits, it will be easy for you to stay committed.

Believing in yourself
You have got to believe in yourself before others start believing in you. Whatever is that you would like to achieve, make sure that you believe in it and trust your abilities to accomplish it.

Taking massive action every day
Now that you know what you want to pursue in life, it’s time to make an action plan for it. Whether your goals are small or big, you need to commit yourself to taking massive action every single day without any excuses.

Start Small
Most people love to see quick results when they try to achieve personal development. However, it is easy to get overwhelmed and give up on your quest for personal development if you try to do more than your body can handle. Therefore, don’t be in a hurry.

Set Tools for Measuring your Progress
You can have a to-do list and write everything you want to achieve on a piece of paper, software, etc. Ensure to tick every task you complete as that will motivate you to do better and even more. Setting goals that you can measure and measuring your progress will motivate you to stay on track, so make sure not to skip out on this step. When you find yourself losing focus, try to identify the reason and re-strategize.

Being adaptable and learning continually
Adaptability and zeal to grow can take you places in life. It’s sad to see that people are too rigid in their thoughts and beliefs that they reject any suggestions or new approaches given to them. It can be dangerous for their career and overall life in general.

Maintaining proper work-life balance
Do you know what is the single most important thing in your life? It’s nothing else but your health. Your physical and mental health plays an important part in your life as everything directly or indirectly depends on it.

Never giving up
As cliche`, as it may sound but never giving up on yourself is the ultimate mantra to success. As you walk through life, you will fall down many times. You might also make mistakes and fail, and it’s absolutely okay. That’s life and things will happen but never let this hamper your spirits in any way. Keep in mind that in order to succeed and become your best version, you have to have a lot of faith in yourself.

Avoid Self-Doubt
The best way to enhance your commitment to personal development is to have control over your mind. Personal development takes time. The most important thing is not to be too hard on yourself if you do not see a result immediately, but to keep working and improving your habits. That way, you will be able to move forward and ultimately change your life.

The thing about commitment is that it means staying loyal to what you said you were going to do long after the mood you said it in has left you. Now, it is up to you would like to commit yourself and act on things or let them happen to you.