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Many of us struggle to stay motivated and grounded on a day-to-day basis. Some days we are very positive and other times we are scattered emotionally. This 4-week online program has been created to share my last 20 years of mastery to introduce you to key grounding techniques and help you stay motivated. Join me on this journey to get grounded and regain balance and control in your life.


In this program you will learn:

  1. The 4 pillars : Balance, Power, Self-Love and Getting Grounded
  2. Hands-on worksheet activities and tips for staying more balanced in life
  3. Mastering yourself and deeper connection with your Inner child
  4. Tapping into your Power; getting outside your limitations

This program includes:

  1. 4 Modules – one module per week (total 4 weeks syllabus)
  2. Each module has a guided PowerPoint presentation, Handout, Worksheet activity and a powerful meditation to help you integrate these grounding techniques.
  3. Online support over the 4 weeks program period + 2 additional weeks of post-program support to help stay on your path.
  4. Exclusive Access to our private Facebook Community to meet and connect like-minded spirits that will help you thrive.

In this 4 week coaching series, you will learn:

 – Ungrounding: What causes imbalance in our life?

– Creating rules to stay grounded

– Art of resetting yourself

– Striking a balance 

– Energies and Grounding

– Tapping into your intuitions

– Worksheets and Goal Setting Activities

– Balance Meditation

– Chakras: Understanding the role of energy centers

– Daily ‘must do’ morning ritual to stay focused

– Foods that help ups to stay more balanced

– Our patterns how to get your power back!

– Worksheets and Goal Setting Activities

– Power Meditation

– Love Yourself: Connect with your inner self

– How to use your intuitions for getting answers

– Are you worth it? Love yourself tips

– Art of grounding yourself in just 5 minutes

– Your Energies = Stronger Mind, Body and Spirit

– Worksheets and Goal Setting Activities

– Love Yourself Meditation

– Mapping Exercise: Finding your spritual path

– Mastering the art of Gratitude

– Spiritual Law of Attraction: 3 Simple Steps

– Manali’s top 10 tips for daily grounding

– Reminders for a better YOU

– Worksheets and Goal Setting Activities

– Group Interaction: Continuing the journey

– Ground yourself meditation

Plant Your Roots at a Glance

Weekly Modules

One module per week (total 4 weeks syllabus) packed with resources that you can download and use for life. It includes Worksheets that you can print and download anytime.

Weekly Emails from Me

Fire your week feeling noursihed and excited with a personal email from me waiting in your inbox.

Guided Meditations

Weekly meditations that ties in with the weekly modules. You can download some of the meditations that you can keep for as long as you want.


A Nourishing Community

Join our exclusive members only Facebook community to connect with other like-minded spirits, find new friends and support as you get planted and start thriving.

Online Support

I will be available to support you on your journey for 4 weeks plus 2 more weeks bonus post program support to help you stay on your path


VIP Access Pass

Once you decide to get planted, you get access to all the freebies and bonuses of content that I have prepared for you.

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You have the power to transform your life!

The moment you can get grounded, get clarity, balance and power, you will be able to ground yourself and pivot to turn your life to achieve momentum. All of these can be done in just 4 powerful weeks. All you need to do is begin.he

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My Promise:

As your coach, I promise that I will give my 100% from the beginning until the very end. I will share all my knowledge, expertise and will hold NOTHING back from you. I will give you a powerful, remarkable 4 weeks that you need to get yourself grounded. We will embark in this journey together, hand-in-hand. 

But I need you to give it your 100% best too. Allow yourself to be vulnerable, be open-minded, listen to feedback and ready to make changes in your life. Please give me your 100% trust and commitment throughout this journey. 

 Together, we can pivot your life.

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I’m Manali Haridas Scott

For more than 20 years, I have inspired clients globally through Corporate Coaching, Reiki, Meditation and Yoga coaching and helping them fill the gaps in their mind body and spirit. 

My expertise in energy / chakra healing has provided transformational breakthoughs in my client’s lives helping them to be more confident, ignite self-love and get more passionate about life itself.

More than anything else, I would love to help you get grounded.