So many people struggle with motivation and passion. When this happens, you see a lot of unfinished projects, yoyo emotions, and bursts of motivation followed by long periods of stagnation. What’s missing here is the purpose; the driving factor behind sustained levels of motivation and really feeling passionate about and fulfilled by the work you do. Tapping into your purpose, the reason behind why you’re doing something day in and day out should be a daily practice because of what it can do for your productivity and overall well-being. Purpose interchanges with passion and when we feel passionate about what we do, we love what we do.

Passion is the foundation of a meaningful life. We all have it.  So how do we find it and use it to do what we were born to do?

Below are some tips for you to reignite your passion back into your life:

Opportunity Lies in Every Difficulty; Own This Concept
A bad attitude can be your worst enemy. It’s far too easy to feel defeated or depressed when things get difficult. You need to be your own biggest cheerleader, fire up your ambition to succeed, and listen to your gut. If it’s telling you to take action, or take a different path now, listen carefully. Recognize the new opportunities presented by your challenges — they’re always in there.

Start by Tapping into Your Passion
It’s there, whether you recognize it or not. We’re all passionate about something – even if it doesn’t strike us as a job- or career-worthy. Think about all of the things that get you fired up, excited, and eager to act…write those things down. Ask others close to you to help add to the list. Sit with that paper for a few days. Add notes, details, and illustrations. Fill the page with things you love and are good at.

Know that you always have a choice
Never tell yourself you’re stuck. You’re not. You have more options than you can even dream of. See the road ahead of you as an open one to do with as you wish. Get excited about having so many options. That energy will help you tremendously as you set out to pursue the ones that rise to the top of your list.

Change up your routines- Be Creative
If you’ve ever traveled internationally, you know that exposure to different cultures changes your perspective, often profoundly. Start to shake up your routine, influences, and contacts locally to expose yourself to new influences immediately. Check out our ‘Plant Your roots’ digital mindfulness course.

Get out of your box- Explore
Get out and discover what’s out there; try new things! Make a commitment to launch a serious expedition to uncover all sorts of new and exciting possibilities. Every day of every week holds opportunities to meet new people, attend events, sit in on webinars, sign up for newsletters, join organizations or fan pages and engulf yourself in the worlds that following your passions can open up to you. Keep exploring until you get yourself to that place.

Connect deeper into yourself
You don’t necessarily need to be an expert in your area of passion. You don’t need to have years of experience under your belt to do something with it either. That can come. Take whatever it is that makes you different, unique, special, interesting, quirky, or uncommon, and turn that into a fascinating story; your own unique story.

Be proud of who you are
Being just like everyone else is boring. Having an interesting story to tell on how you ended up in that pursuit will make people curious about you. Then you just have to back it up with a fierce passion, evidence of wanting to do something about it, and the commitment to take it forward. Other people will respond to that.

Surround yourself with positive people
Passion is driven by emotion, by a raw hunger to learn, pursue, explore, engage and exist in a special kind of euphoric state. If you haven’t experienced it yourself, you really should. That’s the key to loving what you do. Others love the same things you love, too, and value the same things, ideals, and principles. Go find them. Online, offline, it doesn’t matter. Spend as much time as you can in these circles to fire you up and learn. Join our meditation healing circle class to connect with a beautiful spiritual community; your safe space!

To get you started below are some journaling prompts:

  • My life is most ideal when…
  • When I was a child, I loved to…
  • What is most important to me?
  • What is the one experience that I think will make my life complete?
  • What is the one thing I feel genuinely most excited about?

Don’t forget that all of this will be a lot of work, but it will be the best investment you’ve ever made. Put in the time to learn how to find your passion, and you will find that your days are more fulfilling and produce more happiness and well-being in the long term.

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