Upcoming Webinars

We are preparing zen-full content teachings to help you live with mindfulness everyday.

Unblock Yourself with Chakra Chick Manali!

In this workshop, we will be focusing on which emotions blocks our Chakras (Energy centers). Unblocking Chakras can help you to feel more balanced, de-stressed and in control.

In this free workshop you will learn:

  • About the 7 Chakras
  • Emotions that are Chakra Blockers
  • Emotions that amplify Chakras
  • How to stay energized while dealing with stress
  • Early Bird special offer for the “Ground Yourself” Online LIVE Program series
  • Chakra meditation to stay in your power

Starting your year with Power - RESET YOURSELF!

As we are stepping into a new year, it is very important to be in focus, stay grounded and spiritually connect with your intuitions and higher self. Join me at this free workshop to ‘Reset’ yourself.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Tips for getting your power back- for amplifying yourself
  • To listen better to your intuitions
  • Do’s and don’t for goal setting/ resolutions
  • The ‘Spiritual Reset’ technique
  • Meditation for new year – Opening and balancing your Chakras
  • Handouts for a better ‘you’ this new year