Krista Benoit

Very professional and personal service.  I appreciated being able to ask questions via email or text throughout the process and receive immediate feedback.

Great advice and suggestions that were specific to me, my training and my eating habits.  I received lots of good information that I will make use of now and in the future.

Samantha Moonsammy

Everytime I leave a YogaFit class I stand taller and breathe better. From my wrists to my toes – every body part gets a good stretch and building strength in new places.  It’s one of my favorite times in my weekly schedule where I take a moment out of my busy day and connect with myself and focus on my health and fitness.  Manali is an inspiring coach that pushes me to the next level in my health and fitness routine and I am so grateful for her coaching.

Urvashi Sharma

It’s been such a pleasure to have Manali as my Nutritionist. She really puts her heart into what she does.  When I would lose motivation, she would help me focus and show me that it’s possible to achieve your goals. I’m happy to know that she is making a difference in people’s lives and will continue to do so!

Kizzy Roy

Zen for You workshops have been an eye-opener for me. I have consciously started making better food choices in my life. Manali is a very enthusiastic motivational speaker.

Susan Kierstod

I had approached Zen for You yoga program as I was having stress and sleep issues.

I totally enjoyed Manali’s yoga program and enjoyed her personalized style of teaching yoga and relaxation breathing .My sleep problems have improved a lot since I started Yoga with Manali. Her calm and peaceful approach made me feel very relaxed.

Thank you – Zen for You team!

Donna Johnston

I came to Zen for You to talk to a nutritionist about my overall health.   I am an active, fairly fit individual but do not always eat properly. So my goal was to get a better handle on my eating and to lose some weight.

Manali was quick to give me some great advice and talked to me about her detox/cleansing program.  I agreed that it would be a great place to start to make some lifestyle changes that would help my overall health.  She assured me that I would be able to eat many of my favorite foods and by learning to eat at proper times and with the right portions I would reduce my fat percentage and increase my metabolism!

I was very pleased after my 3 week cleansing to learn that I had lost 10lbs, 2-3 inches and about 4% body fat.  I have maintained the weight and continue to lose inches and body fat.

Thanks to Manali I have made some positive lifestyle changes and have a better understanding of my body’s nutritional needs.   One of Manali’s favourite sayings is ”Within each of us lies the power”…with Manali’s guidance you can find the power within you to achieve your goals too.

Sheryl James

I found Zen for You detox and cleansing program very informative and easy to do.

Without using any products, Manali coached me as to how to cleanse my body form inside. I was allergic for many years and after this program my allergies have been cured. Manali’s knowledge and counseling made it easy for me to understand my body and get into a better lifestyle.

Sheila Jackson

Very informative workshops. All our staff of our company found it very valuable.

Mary Jennifer Brauner

What is unique about my experience with Zen For you, is that Manali listened to my needs and crafted a very specific and easy to do program that was tailored to me. I lost 20 pounds on Manali’s program, something I thought was impossible given my challenge with food allergies and exercise limitations.

Manali taught me simple and key yoga breathing techniques that I discovered helped with my digestion. I now effortlessly incorporate her lifestyle tools. Manali has taught me that now matter what stress my body has been through, that I can feel Zen again.