Beat the Winter blues!

Mood disorders are a group of illnesses that have as their distinguishing characteristic an experience of mood that is unusual for the circumstances. It is a very common cause of behavioral pattern in human beings.Heading into winter, the days are only due to get shorter and colder. This can potentially have a significant effect on individual’s mental health and

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5 Powerful Essentials For Your Headaches!

Headaches can be due to many reasons including migraines, tension, stress, and many more. These aches are not only painful but disabling. And we are sure not many of you like to pop a pill for frequent headaches.

Below are my top favorite essential oils that will help relieve your headaches:

The most famous …

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Do You Trust Your Instincts?

What if you could train your “gut feeling” to be more reliable?
I believe you can and I’m going to show you how I’ve done it for myself.

Some people might be more intuitive than others by nature. However, that doesn’t mean that intuition isn’t a skill we can learn. Follow along and you’ll see how simple it really is

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Conquer Your Fears- Get Confident!

Fear. It’s the number one barrier to living confidently. You experience it every day in small and large doses.

Fears arise from events or situations that haven’t happened or may never happen. They arise from thinking patterns we’ve created and become adjusted to. They derive from false beliefs and reinforced mediocrity. And they live inside of our ego — the

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Restorative Yoga for Strength- Benefits!

Thousands of years ago yoga originated in India, and in present day and age, an alarming awareness was observed in health and natural remedies among people by yoga and pranayama which has been proven an effective method for improving health in addition to prevention and management of diseases. With increasing scientific research in yoga, its therapeutic aspects are also being

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