Enjoy a yoga practice that combines active and passive stretching and toning up exercises to target both the muscles and the deeper connective tissues around the major joints of the body.

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In this 4-week series you will learn:

✔ Restore stretches
✔ Chi tapping intro
✔ Hatha yoga postures
✔ Core toning
✔ Meditations
✔ Breathing pranayama
✔ Angel card readings

✔ Restore stretches
✔ Chi tapping to detoxify chakras
✔ Shoulders and core toning
✔ Hatha postures
✔ Pranayama
✔ Angel card readings

India Yoga segment
Restore stretches
India Sahaj  (easy flow) yoga
Chakra candlelight meditation
✔ Chakra chants
✔ Pranayama breathing
✔ Angel card readings

✔ Restore stretches
Restore sun salutations
✔ Core, wrist, ankles toning
✔ Chi tapping to amplify energy vibration
‘Creating your destiny’ meditation
✔ Pranayama breathing
✔ Angel card readings

I had approached Zen for You yoga program as I was having stress and sleep issues.

I totally enjoyed Manali’s yoga program and enjoyed her personalized style of teaching yoga and relaxation breathing .My sleep problems have improved a lot since I started Yoga with Manali. Her calm and peaceful approach made me feel very relaxed.

Thank you – Zen for You team!

Susan Kierstod

Ottawa, Canada