The Zen for You ‘Lifestyle Tune-up Virtual Program’ is a perfect combination of a series of Reiki, Yoga & Meditation, and Nutrition and Personal Training sessions tailored for each individual.

The easy-to-follow practical Yoga and meditation exercises will assist you in calming your mind. The Reiki sessions will release your stress, giving you better focus, more energy and positivity in your life. And, the Nutrition coaching segment of this program will assist you in making simple lifestyle changes, provide tips while travelling and eating out, an intro to cleansing your body and the how to choose the correct nutrition before and after your workouts.

The Personal Training Sessions in this package will help you create a customized exercise routine that you can perform at your residence or gym for enhancing your muscle tone and strength. You will be coached to be your own personal trainer!

Equipment such as the exercise ball, dumbbells, ankle weights and tubes are used in conjunction with floor exercises on the mat to create a customized 1-hour workout. The exercises are a blend of strength training, pilates and yoga stretching.


The program sessions will include segments of:

* Currently program offered virtually!

  • Fit-Test/Initial Health Assessment
  • Nutrition lifestyle tune-up coaching, fat loss & intro to naturopathy detox/cleansing sessions
  • One on one Reiki sessions- get your chakras balanced.
  • Yoga and Mediation sessions- learn the traditional techniques from India
  • One on one Personal training session to create a customized home workout
  • Practical guidance on how to achieve diet and lifestyle change provided.
  • Recommendations when eating at home and away from home
  • Vitamin and Mineral Supplementation- detailed list of the supplements and their importance is provided to you.
  • Special tips as to how to balance the stress in your life and keep the discipline on for a healthier lifestyle


8 WEEK TUNE-UP:    COST: $ 825 CAD (taxes included)
(payment plan available – email [email protected] for more info)


All the sessions in this program are currently offered virtually/online and customized for each person after conducting a detailed lifestyle assessment.

Email us at [email protected] to schedule an appointment  for a free 30 minutes consult to know more about this program!