Remember sadness is always temporary. This, too, shall pass. Depression is a pervasive feeling. It’s almost as if you are in a black tunnel with no light. Hope disappears and the things you used to find enjoyable become a chore. Depression involves sadness, pessimism, a preoccupation with personal problems, and perhaps feeling sorry for one’s self, anguish, crying, and hopelessness. Depressed people often lose interest in many activities and social contacts because of loss of pleasure in and enthusiasm for their usual activities.

Ways to Overcome Depression
There are many effective ways to overcome depression. Fortunately, we can control our thoughts and feelings much more than most people realize. With enough work and effort, you can change habitual thoughts and feelings.

First, however, if you are on any medicines, check with your doctor to see if a medicine may be causing your depression. A surprising number of medicines can do this, including many tranquilizers or sleeping pills, many high blood pressure medicines, hormones such as oral contraceptives, some anti-inflammatory or anti-infection drugs, some ulcer medicines, etc. Changing your prescribed medications may be all you need to eliminate depression.

Here are some tips to help you uplift your depressed moods:

  1. Focus on what you’re doing right.
    As rough as your life is right now, you haven’t fallen off the edge, and this is not just by chance. Key is to remember that humans are remarkably resilient and capable. Because depression can cloud your judgment be tempting to overemphasize the negative aspects of situations while discounting the positives.
  2. Forgive Others
    When we hold a grudge, we are the ones that feel the anger. The person whom we are angry with is probably merrily going about their business completely oblivious to your feelings. Don’t allow others to have this power over you.
  3. Incorporate structure into every day.
    A lack of scheduled activities and inconsistent routines can increase feelings of helplessness and a loss of control over the direction of your life. Adding a plan to your day can help you regain that sense of control and decrease the feeling that you’re just a passive participant in life.
  4. Distract Yourself
    If possible, do your best to distract yourself from over thinking. Your thoughts are your enemy when depression sets in. Play with a pet or go for a walk.
  5. Write in a Journal
    A journal can work in two ways. Use it to write down fears and worries. Sometimes, having an outlet in this way can be soothing and ease your mind.
  6. Keep A Positive Attitude
    Negative thinking habits play a very important role in depression. Research shows depressed people tend to minimize their accomplishments, talents, and qualities. Say ‘Cancel Cancel’ for each negative thought.
  7. Get your Chakras Balanced:
    Try a Reiki session. Include meditation in your daily routine.The more balanced your Chakras are the less depressed you feel.
  8. Live in the present:
    Focus on the good things, relationships and friendships in the present. Avoid dwelling on the past. Try forgiving, journaling and healing your pain.
  9. Get Enough Sleep
    Sleep and mood are closely connected. Inadequate sleep can cause irritability and stress, while healthy sleep can enhance well-being. Studies have shown that even partial sleep deprivation has a significant effect on moo
  10. Do not give up:
    There will be times that you will feel like giving up, but remind yourself that you are ‘Alive’; this life is a gift given to you and you are trying you.

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