home-remediesCold and cough do not spare anyone and most of us stock cold medicine at home. Today, we look at different home remedies for cold and cough.These home remedies are natural and beneficial to the body to control the production of mucus, cleanse the system and boost immunity. Here are 15 best home remedies to fight a cold and cough.

Here are 15 best home remedies to fight a cold and cough:

Ginger tea:
It helps by drying up a running and dripping nose and expels phlegm from the respiratory tract. Also, ginger is known to soothe a common cold to make it bearable and perhaps even speed up the recovery process.

Milk and turmeric:
Besides ginger tea or masala chai, warm milk and turmeric mixture is a popular and effective way to fight a cough. This mixture is applicable for children and adults too. Turmeric and milk are also healthy ingredients needed for healthy living.

Lemon, cinnamon, and honey:
Prepare a syrup of lemon, honey, and cinnamon to prevent a common cold. Here’s how to: Put some honey in a pan, fill it to half and use a double boiler until it is thin. Then add a pinch of cinnamon and add lemon. Have this syrup to fight a cold.

Gargle therapy:
Salt-water gargle is an age-old therapy for a cough, but you can also add turmeric to it. Salt and turmeric fight a cough and will give you the relief that you really need.

Honey and brandy:
Brandy keeps your chest warm or increases body heat, while honey helps fight a cough. A teaspoon of brandy and honey improves a cough.

Drink luke warm water to fight a common cold, cough and sore throat. Drinking warm water reduces the inflammation in the throat. Plus, water helps replenish the fluids in the body and washes out the infection.

Amla (Gooseberry) for prevention:
Amla is a strong immunomodulator and protects from the onset of many diseases if taken regularly. It ensures the proper functioning of the liver and improves blood circulation.

Specially spiced tea:
Add tulsi(Basil), ginger and black pepper while preparing your tea. These three ingredients play an important role in fighting a common cold and cough.

Honey, lime juice, and warm water:
Lime water or nimbupani is a perfect dose to improve digestion and for the circulation system. If you add honey to lime water and warm water it can be a solution to controlling cold and cough.

Flaxseeds for cold and cough:
Boil flaxseeds until it thickens and strains it. Add a few drops of lime juice and honey. Consume the mixture for cold and cough relief.

Ginger and salt:
Cut ginger into julians and add salt to it. Chew on these ginger julians to fight cold, cough and a sore throat.

Ginger tulsi mixture:
Take the juice of ginger, crush tulsi (basil)leaves to it and add honey. Consume it to get relief from a cough.

Saute garlic:
Saute a few garlic cloves in ghee and consume this when warm. It may sound like a bitter concoction, but it can help you fight the common cold and cough.

Jaggery solution:
Boil water with black pepper, add cumin and jaggery to it. It will give you relief from chest congestion.

Carrot juice:
It is not a common home remedy to fight a cold and cough, but carrot juice helps to fight a cough. It may be unconventional but it makes an interesting drink. Drink it to prevent a cough and reap the benefits of carrot juice.

Hope these remedies help you to prevent and fight your cough and cold.

Try these to prevent any further intense symptoms caused due to weather change.