As we step into 2024, the perennial debate of resolutions versus intentions surfaces. There’s a significant difference between the two—a difference that can profoundly influence the way we approach personal growth and change. Let’s explore why intentions might offer a more meaningful and sustainable path than traditional New Year’s resolutions.

Resolutions vs. Intentions:

  • Often centred around specific, rigid goals.
  • Tend to focus on external achievements.
  • It can be overwhelming and prone to abandonment.
  • Often lack flexibility and adaptability.


  • Emphasize the overall essence or direction.
  • Encourage internal shifts and mindset changes.
  • Offer flexibility and room for personal growth.
  • Promote a holistic and sustainable approach.

Why Choose Intentions:
Flexibility and Adaptability:
Intentions allow for a more fluid approach to personal growth. Instead of fixating on specific outcomes, you focus on the essence or direction you want your life to take.

Mindset Shifts:
Intentions encourage internal shifts, emphasizing the importance of mindset changes. This internal focus can lead to more lasting and meaningful transformations.

Holistic Approach:
Resolutions often target specific areas, while intentions encompass a broader spectrum of life. They provide a more holistic framework for personal development.

Intentions are often more sustainable over the long term. The flexible nature allows for adjustments, preventing the discouragement that may accompany abandoning rigid resolutions.

Steps for  Implementing 2024 Intentions:

  1. Reflect on Core Values:
    Consider what truly matters to you and align intentions accordingly.
  2. Set Broad Themes:
    Choose overarching themes that guide various aspects of your life.
  3. Regular Reflection:
    Reflect on your intentions regularly, allowing for adjustments and growth.
  4. Celebrate Progress:
    Acknowledge and celebrate small victories along the way.

Top 3 Strategies for SMART Intention Setting:

1. Concrete Goal Setting:

Dedicate a specific page in your journal to list precise goals for each life facet—business, parenthood, friendships, health, or home. For instance, if your aim is better health, a concrete goal could be walking 10,000 steps daily. Display this page prominently to revisit your objectives regularly.

Identify specific, measurable goals.
Display your goals in a visible location.
Regularly review and tweak your objectives as needed.

2. Naming a Central Theme:
Selecting a theme for the year involves choosing an overarching focus, like ‘Connection.’ This theme can guide decisions and activities. For instance, if ‘Connection’ is your theme, you might plan monthly coffee dates with friends or join a club to meet like-minded individuals.

Choose a theme that resonates with your aspirations.
 Align your decisions and activities with the chosen theme.
 Regularly reflect on how your theme influences your experiences.

3. Crafting a Growth Plan:
Identify a couple of areas where you want to improve, such as time management. Break this down into actionable steps, like creating a daily schedule or using productivity apps. As you implement these changes, track your progress.

Select specific areas for improvement.
Break down improvements into manageable steps.
Regularly assess and adjust your growth plan.

Embrace the transformative power of setting intentions as you embark on this journey into 2024. May this be a year of internal shifts, holistic growth, and sustainable transformations. Let your intentions guide you on a meaningful journey towards the life you envision.

Good luck!