Intuition stems from a heightened sense of awareness—a perceptual ability that is beyond linear cause and effect. It is as contextual and relational as it is wise and nourishing. Intuition comes from a place beyond the thinking mind—beyond logic, reasoning, and process thinking. Intuition is the culmination of all our life experiences—all the kernels of information we’ve stored away that rise to the surface to provide wisdom in dealing with the situation at hand. Adams’ years of dealing with abandonment, abuse, and poverty—mitigated by the kindness and support people provided—informed his decision in that moment. His heart knew exactly what to do.

Why train your intuition muscle?
Through practicing intuitiveness, we learn to trust ourselves, tapping into a source of knowledge. When we step into an intuitive space, it allows us to make a leap without knowing how or why. We just know that it is the right action to take. When we activate our intuition, we listen more deeply to life. Intuition is our inner guidance system that stems from a place of creativity and pure feeling. Striving to tap into and express from this intuitive place can bring meaningful results in personal and business affairs. It’s certainly not an either/or when using rational thinking or intuition—it can be a yes/and.

Here are 10 things you can do to activate your intuitions:

  1. Write down your professional goals. Intuition supports clear intentions. Keep your goals clearly posted and review them every day.
  2. Visualize your success. Imagine exactly what you want to happen in your business. Intuition supports your vision. Sharpen your visualization skills by sharing your vision with others and observe if they can see your dreams as well as you.
  3. Get enough sleep. Intuition shuts down when you are fatigued.
  4. Keep a little notebook or tape recorder and record your gut feelings, ah-ha moments, and bright ideas as they arise. Do not edit, censor, or dismiss anything. You will soon see it all counts.
  5. Sound it out. Find sympathetic friends who will listen to your intuitive hunches. Sharing a gut feeling is the best way to validate your intuition and gain confidence in listening to your higher awareness.
  6. Take time out for reflection. Intuition lies just beneath our conscious awareness and rises to the surface during quiet moments. Rushing through the day prevents your inner voice from speaking out. Schedule regular periods of five to 10 minutes throughout the week to do nothing but sit and ponder.
  7. Leave the job at your desk. Sometimes the best way to activate your intuitive and creative muscles is to walk away from a problem and let the answers incubate on their own. Do something stimulating and fun on your evenings and weekends. Allowing this side of your brain to take over while giving your work side a rest brings new perspectives and ideas that can take you to a new level of solution.
  8. Ask for help. Have the wisdom to be open to receiving help in all ways, and do not hesitate to seek guidance the minute you need it. Being open to guidance is the starting gun to an intuitive life and separates the ordinary from the extraordinary in today’s working world.
  9. Stay organized/ Declutter.Intuition thrives on order, not chaos. A clear desk leaves the clear mind needed for tuning into your vibes.
  10. Acknowledge your intuitive successes openly and comfortably. Share your vibes positively, regarding them as a natural asset designed to help you succeed and not as something to wrestle with or question. Recognize that they are a reflection of your higher abilities, and put them to use every day.

Let’s not doubt ourselves. Let’s listen to the inner voice.

Want to learn more in-depth practical tips as to how to activate this intuition muscle?
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