5 Powerful Essentials For Your Headaches!

Headaches can be due to many reasons including migraines, tension, stress, and many more. These aches are not only painful but disabling. And we are sure not many of you like to pop a pill for frequent headaches.

Below are my top favorite essential oils that will help relieve your headaches:

The most famous and widely known essential oil, lavender is known to have a calming effect on symptoms related to depression, stress, anxiety, and insomnia.You can try the inhalation method or apply lavender oil on your temples and back of the neck at the onset of a headache.

Due to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, rosemary oil has been traditionally used to treat a headache and circulatory problems. Similar to lavender oil, it has a calming effect which helps to reduce a headache caused by stress and emotional triggers.Rosemary oil also helps to soothe an upset stomach and aids digestion. This oil can be used with any carrier oil like coconut or olive and can be applied to temples, forehead, and back of the neck.

Headache developed from sinus pressure can be best treated by eucalyptus essential oil. This is because this oil acts as an expectorant and helps cleanse the body of harmful microorganisms and toxins. This oils also helps to open the nasal passage, thereby reducing the sinus pressure.

Peppermint oil gives you a cooling effect and has the ability to stimulate blood flow and inhibit muscle contraction when applied on the forehead. It is one of the oldest herbs used for medicinal purposes and also smells good. This oil acts as a painkiller and muscle relaxant which soothes headaches caused by tension. This is one easy, traditional and cost-effective way to relieve pain. However, do not apply this oil before sleep as due to its energizing effect, it can mess with your sleep.

Chamomile tea is said to relax and calm you and chamomile oil also has the same effect. Just like the above-mentioned oils, it also has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that are said to relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety. This oil is also said to relieve neuralgic pain and thus is effective for a stress-related headache.

Try these oils in your day to day life and stay relaxed.