Refined sugars add unnecessary calories to the body that are converted to fat reserves stored around the body as flab. They may also contribute to cavities in teeth that could keep you awake in pain.

Some of the most recommended sugar substitutes include:

Honey – It is full of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. It can be applied on whole meal bread or added to oatmeal to satisfy the craving for sweets first thing in the morning. Honey comes in different flavors depending on the type of flowers in that locality.

Artificial Sweeteners – of all the artificial sweetners, Truvia is my favorite because it’s more natural in the others in my opinion. Artificial Sweeteners can be used in baking, for sweetening drinks and in any recipe to replace processed sugar.

Applesauce – It is said that an apple a day can keep the doctor away; therefore substituting  no sugar added apple sauce with sugar in your baked goods will ensure your enjoy your treat without consuming extra calories.

Dates & Figs – Both add flavor, dimension and tons of nutrition as a sugar substitute to a many recipes. Baked goods such as cakes, muffins, even hearty breads will soon become a staple in your breakfast, lunch or dinner regimen using figs and dates as a substitute for sugar.

Lemon – Squeezing half a lemon in a pitcher of water will enable someone to drink the recommended amount of water. Besides the tangy taste of lemon in oatmeal will allow one to enjoy it without the need for unhealthy sugars.

Cinnamon – This is a must have sweet spice in your home as it can be added into your tea or baked goods. It has a delicious aroma that will increase your appetite without adding extra calories to your meals.

Raisins – These can be eaten on their own as a treat for your sweet tooth; they are full of fiber and antioxidants. They can be blended or just added into your batter when baking for a delicious treat.

Cranberries – Add them to your cereal and skip the sugar for a good start in the morning.

100% Pure Maple Syrup – Full of antioxidants; it can be drizzled on your waffles or pancakes to satisfy that sweet craving when it occurs. It can be added to a glass of cold non-fat milk to quench thirst on a hot afternoon.

Unsweetened Cocoa Powder – Cocoa is full of antioxidants and has a delicious flavor when added to a glass of milk. It can be combined with vanilla for a delicious treat that does not require refined sugar and used in baking recipes in leiu of processed chocolate.

Pureed banana – Very ripe bananas are very sweet and can be pureed to be added to milk shakes or in baked goods. A bowl of oatmeal with added ripe bananas is full of fiber beneficial for digestive health.

Apricot Puree – Apricots contains vitamin C and iron; they are sweet to the palate making them ideal for a delicious spread on your baked items.

Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice – This is full of vitamin c that boosts your immune system. You can have it first thing in the morning to improve your mood and give you a shot of quick energy to face your busy day and use it in recipes to substitute white sugar.

Sucanat – This is obtained from natural cane juice that has vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients; it can be added into your beverages and baked items to cater a sweet tooth.

Molasses – Made from a combination of sugarcane, beetroot and grapes. It has a delicious aroma full of vitamin c, iron and calcium for healthy baked items. Try drizzling it on your fruit salad to tantalize your palate.

Agave Nectar – High in fructose; therefore must be used in moderation. It can be added to cold or hot beverages and to pie recipes to substitute white sugar.

 Let’s make healthy choices!