A-Simple-Yoga-Sequence-To-Ground-Yourself-733x440Life is beautiful and sometimes quite challenging. It’s common to lose one’s centeredness and grounding in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

How do you know if you are ungrounded?

You may feel:


  • Unable to focus
  • Physical or emotional pain
  •  Peaks of high and low energy
  •  An inability to manifest the things you want in life
  • Poor memory
  •  Disconnection


Below are the key 6 key steps you can try in your life to stay more grounded:

1) Start your day with a morning ritual: I like to start my day by stretching, meditating and setting an intention for the day. Create your own morning rituals. This would mean that you might have to get up 5-10 minutes earlier to spend this ‘ME’ time.

2) Intuitive Listening: We receive intuitive signs and nudges every day but most people ignore them. As subtle as intuitive feelings, thoughts and visions are, they exist to alert us to when our mind, body, and emotions are out of balance. They also offer us clues to make better decisions for ourselves and our loved ones. Give yourself permission to go within and listen to your intuition, and over time it will become clearer. Your intuition, for example, may guide you to take a break from work for five minutes to ground or it may indicate the best food to help you feel more grounded in your body. Meditation and Reiki helps a lot to build your intuition muscle.

3) Watch your negative thoughts: The more the negative thoughts we have, the more out of balance our life is. The first step to training your mind for positive thinking is to be aware of your worries and negative thoughts. If you catch yourself thinking negative say the 2 magic words “Cancel Cancel” and proceed with your day. The more you delete negative thoughts the more clarity and grounding you will have in your life.

4) Take a 5 minutes ‘Self Break’ in the afternoons: You could step out of your office for 5-10 minutes or listen to music.
  Anything that relaxes you. The bottom line is these 5-10 minutes are your down time. You are not thinking of your task list.

5)   Get your Chakras balanced: To help to stay more focused and grounded try a Reiki session. In this session, the Reiki practitioner will balance and amplify all your Chakras/Energy Centers and get you fully grounded. After such a session you will find it easier to continue your grounding and will find your life more in control. Definitely something amazing to experience!

6)   Journal before bedtime: Journaling before sleeping helps release any negative emotions and gives you better sleep. You can write a sentence or paragraphs; it does not matter. Its about being consistent and doing it daily.


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