Chakra cleansing is a complex process. A fundamental distinction is made between the relief of energetic tensions and the dissolution of inner blockages in the body.

There are many techniques that can heal and balance our Chakras. Below are some of my favorites for you to get started with your Chakra healing:

Meditation is probably the most effective way to balance the chakras. Chakra affirmations are also useful in healing and balancing. Each of these can be used to help you go deeper into your meditation and make it more effective. Your mental focus during meditation should be on the positive attributes of the particular chakra.

Reiki Healing:
Reiki is an energy therapy for reducing stress, relaxing the mind, body, and spirit, and promoting good health and well-being. During this ancient Japanese technique, the Reiki master—someone who has gone through all the levels of Reiki training—channels life force energy through his or her hands onto another person, the recipient. This technique helps release emotional blockages/ blocks within our physical, emotional, and mental dimensions.
A ‘block’ is a place where energy is trapped or constricted. In dealing with a block, you need to get the energy moving which is what Reiki does. When energy flows through the whole body it creates harmony and releases imbalances. Reiki assists to bring the chakras into alignment and balance.

Another way to heal your chakras is through positive affirmations. In fact, you can heal the damaged parts of our body and soul through affirmations. They help us to develop positive thoughts, which will support our chakra cleansing. Repeat these affirmations on a regular basis.
Here are some examples:
“I am a humble person. I don’t need more than I currently have!”
“I am completely satisfied with myself. I understand that I have strengths and weaknesses!”

Each chakra is associated with a certain color. Try to open and heal your chakras through their colors. You can do this by wearing clothes in the corresponding chakra color. So wearing red clothes helps your root chakra to heal.

Regular yoga practice is incredibly effective at balancing the chakras. As with meditation, you can visualize and focus your attention on the different chakras throughout your practice. As you are doing the postures, visualize the colors that correspond to the chakra you are focusing on.

Crystal Stones
Crystals hold special energy and can help you connect to various parts of your consciousness. Each chakra has different crystals associated with it and that will provide you with the greatest benefit.
For example:
Root chakra: hematite, garnet, obsidian
Sacral chakra: carnelian, amber, topaz

Essential Oils
Aromatherapy can be used for a variety of different ailments. These plant-derived oils can also be used for chakra balancing. As with crystals, there are different oils that correspond to different chakras. These oils can be used by simply breathing them in or applying them topically. It is important to dilute the essential oils with a carrier oil, such as coconut or olive oil if you are applying it directly onto your body. These are potent oils that can irritate the skin if they are not diluted. Similar to the stones, it depends on chakra to chakra which oil is good for which chakra.
Root Chakra (Muladhara): incense, medicinal angelica, real St. John’s wort, patchouli plantSacral Chakra (Svadhisthana): creeping juniper, neroli, rosemary, orange, clove

Chakra balancing is a daily process. Each day incorporate some of the items listed above in your daily routines to heal your chakras. Try a Reiki session; it truly helps to unblock the chakras in a very nonabrasive and easy manner.