healthIf you want to be happy, healthy and love what you’re doing and giving to the world, then you must choose to do so.

Tip #1 – Listen To Your Heart

“Be faithful to that which exists within yourself.” – Andre Gide

Listen to your needs, your desires, to what your heart is telling you.  If you are out of balance, if you feel something isn’t right, if you know you are not giving yourself enough, if you know you want to lead a healthy life but don’t know why you haven’t started or can’t stick to it, this is your heart telling you you’re not going down the path it honestly wants.So what do you do, how do you answer these feelings and questions…you start.  Listen, then act.

Tip #2 – Find Your Purpose

Write down what you want for yourself.  Whatever it is, write it down.

Tip #3 – Outline The Path To Your Success

Write down the steps it will take, even if it requires a day by day analysis, to get to each desire you have.  You can also call these goals.  Don’t finish writing until you have thought about them all.  You may even add an additional desire after thinking about it more.

Tip #4 – Prepare Like You Mean It

This is yours.  You are in this game.  Prepare yourself in the way you know YOU need to so that you can take that first step.

Maybe it’s planning your meals so that you can be on point with a healthy diet.  Then tell your family, or write down on your Sunday to do list, that you will be prepping your meals from 4-5pm and need to do your shopping at 2pm to hit this deadline.  Tell them all, and tell yourself you will do it.  It’s a date.

Tip #5 – Re-ignite Your Motivation Daily

Bring energy into the game and do what you have to do to keep that energy burning high.  Never stop finding ways to keep your training and diet motivation at the ceiling.  Remember your purpose, why are you doing this and what is it in turn doing for you….

Tip #6 – Balance Is Everything

Remember that if all of your energy is going away from you and nothing is coming back, you will not be happy.  Balance is everything in life.  Yin/Yang, Sun/Moon, Positive/Negative, Light/Dark… Without one, there cannot be another.  If you are always giving and not giving back to yourself, there is and always will be something missing.Seek Balance and you will find balance.

Tip #7 – Remember That You Are Important

Your happiness is important.  You are important.  Yes, you are.  Remember to cut yourself slack.  You don’t need anyone else to tell you that it’s ok to put yourself first…because it just is.  It’s that way because it’s what you have to do to be happy.  This is more important than anything else, now and forever.

Let’s twist this in favor of others and take the burden off you.  If you are unhappy, you will be less likely to joyfully do other things for people.  If you are happy, then you will have more heart, soul and energy to give to other things and people.

Tip #8 – Put Yourself First

Stop living for other things and other people.  Live for You.  Don’t ever forget the power, strength and passion you have.  Sometimes it’ll be buried by all the fog of the day to day, but don’t ever stop unburying or moving towards the path you know you must travel.

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Manali is a Certified Lifestyle Coach with over 20 years of work experience and has helped many people establish the mind and body connection and balance in their lives.