downloadI know the whole self-love thing is being talked about all over the place right now, but most people still have no clue what that even means! It really means something different for each person, because we all have many different ways to show that we love ourselves.

The real question is, why should we even care?

I’ve found that when I feel my lowest, when my body has been the most sick and when I am bombarded with the most self-deprecating thoughts, the only thing to pull me up and out is drenching myself in self-love. One of the common mistakes that we make includes putting the likes and perception of others before your own. We compromise on self-respect and self-love in order to impress others or be accepted in a certain kind of social group. But in due time, we realize that we have stripped ourselves of happiness by reducing our worth in the eyes of others. It is important to note that success comes to those who practice self-love and stand for what they believe in.

If you still feel confused or lost on where to start with your own self-love conversation, don’t worry; I’ve put together a list  of 9 things you can do to help you get started:

  1. Self- Love Will Help You Look Beyond Bitter Experiences
    It is a common tendency to feel completely shattered once you are betrayed by the people you trust. Be it a professional or personal commitment, you start losing faith in honesty once you feel people took undue advantage of you. Remember, it is not always possible to ‘fix’ things. Don’t blame yourself for trusting people but look beyond the bitter experience. Heal your wounds with self-compassion. Do the things you like, pamper yourself. Steer clear of negativity and let your soul heal naturally. Trick your mind into believing you are happy and focus on your goals. By loving yourself, you will attract love, happiness and success in your life. 
  2. Stop the self-criticism
    We can all be our own harshest judge: our nose is too big; our forehead too wrinkly; we didn’t say the right thing to our children or messed up in a work meeting. We would never talk to our friends or loved ones the way we talk to ourselves. What’s the solution, you ask? Work on ignoring the negative critic in your own head. 
  3. Love yourself dearly
    True confidence comes from accepting every part of who you are. So, learn to love every bit of you. The world of media and fashion can make you feel inadequate. But no one is perfect.Not even famous stars like Nicole Kidman, Angelia Jolie and Victoria Beckham, who are open about having doubted themselves. 
  4. Steer clear of social media
    So, you went online and saw pictures of your friend from school looking like a million bucks and letting her hair down at the fanciest bar in the city? The edited highlights of someone’s life can reduce your self-esteem significantly. If you’re feeling low, try taking a break from social networks for a while. Log off and focus on the pleasures in your own life -hot chocolate, anyone? 
  5. Stop Victimizing Yourself
    If you face a setback in life, don’t let the wound deepen and take a toll on you. The frequency of discussing your problems with friends and family should be restricted. Rather, spend time alone and analyzing things. Your conscience will answer your doubts best. Stop seeking sympathy and pity for being wronged in life. It will only weaken your soul. Retain a smile and stop victimizing yourself in life. Don’t let your past determine your future in any way. Transform your pent up frustration into a self-motivating force that will catalyze your hunger for success in life. Self-love will restore your lost confidence and help you pave a better future. 
  6.  Foil Bad Experience
    In order to love yourself, it is important to learn from your mistakes in life and avoid repeating them. And once you begin to analyze things before taking any decision spontaneously, you will save yourself the trouble of regretting things at a later point in life. Love yourself and own up to your mistakes. Forgive yourself and muster the courage to move on. When you are your most prized possession, you will feel like the boss of your destiny and foil the occurrence or recurrence of bad experiences in life. It will be a cakewalk for you to be successful in whatever you do once you practice self-compassion and self-love.
  7.  Do what you love
    Find the one thing you love doing most. And do it as much as you can. True confidence comes from knowing what you are good at and doing it. I used to struggle working for a big corporate. Now I am a freelance writer, I have never been happier.
  8. Get some exercise
    Many of us avoid sporting activities because we don’t like what we look like in a leotard or running shorts -but that’s all in our head. Find the activity you enjoy -swimming, yoga, zumba, tennis, dancing or karate -and there is great reward when you see yourself making progress. Playing a sport and getting some exercise can boost morale. 
  9. Have a positive outlook in life
    Once you start practicing self-love, you will notice that you are healing your own self. Your focus will automatically shift from seeking revenge from the ones who hurt you to fostering new bonds with a positive outlook. Once you keep your happiness as the priority of your life, you will make better decisions in life with a practical approach. Having a constructive approach will pave way for a better present and future. You will find it easier to distance yourself from saddening things, situations and people you were unnecessary clinging to earlier.

 Start today. Live life moment to moment!