We have been hearing about the ‘rise of feminine energy’ – but what does that mean and why as women is it so important to harness our feminine energy?

You can describe masculine and feminine energies as yin and yang. They play off each other and you cannot have one without the other. Put another way, we all have both forms of energy. Feminine energy is typically defined as “goodness,” compassion, and nurture. Feminine energy is associated with valuing all life. Masculine energy is typically defined as “strength,” and associated with the value of our own lives.

You must work to balance your masculine and feminine energies in order to live out a full, complete life as the goddess that you are. It’s up to you to balance the yin and yang of your own life experiences. Get your energies balanced; experience the powerful healing session with Manali!

Here are some of my favorite tips you can start focusing on to harness and amplify your feminine energies:

Enjoy your life’s moments
Who can even imagine what goodness might be waiting for you on the other side if you tap into your inner goddess and allow her – meaning all parts of you – to enjoy the experience?!

Move your body
Feminine energy is all about movement and flow, so let it loose! Stretch, dance, run – whatever kind of movement you enjoy – just let your body freely move and get that energy flowing.

Tune into Your Moon Cycle
According to astrologists, we each have our own lunar cycle. When you discover where you are in your lunar cycle, you’re able to see exactly what you need in life. When the full moon is coming, the goddess is in a state of the union. Pay attention to where you are within your lunar cycle to help prioritize areas of your life.

Activate your senses
Feed yourself a delicious and nurturing meal, listen to moving music, go to an art exhibit, or even just set out some fresh flowers. Make it a habit to connect with what moves you and makes you FEEL.

Dance- Feel free!
Dancing is a powerful practice to help you get out of your head and into your body. Find some privacy where you can dance as wildly or sensually as you like. Put on your favorite song or playlist and start off by closing your eyes, taking a few deep breaths, and feeling what it feels like to be in your body.

Connect With Nature
Spending more time with Mother Nature is one of the best ways to connect to this loving, omnipresent energy. In nature the feminine creative energy runs wild. Its physical beauty is visible. One of the most transformational tools for awakening to your inner light is grounding (also known as earthing): directly connecting our body to the earth to restore the electromagnetic balance we need to maintain optimal health and healing. Even five minutes of fresh air or a short walk barefoot in the grass can be enough soul food to awaken your divine feminine energy.

Receive love
Feminine energy is about receiving and opening, so even if you’re a natural giver, you need to make sure you’re filling up your own reserve. Let someone do something nice for you. (Even if you have to schedule the massage yourself, let someone care for you!)

Honor the Stillness and Reclaim Rest
Because we are fueled by a “get-more-done” mindset, constantly on a mission to achieve more, do more, get more, the masculine energy is fed more than the feminine. But the divine feminine energy revels in being. Many of us don’t take enough time to relax, to literally revel in the art of doing nothing. Sit in silence for five minutes and observe what comes up for you. within. Want to join a virtual group to practice stillness and meditation?

Masculine and feminine energy go hand in hand. Just like the inherent Yin/Yang duality in all of nature, one cannot exist without the other. Do not resist either energy – instead, embrace each as a healthy, empowering part of you that when harnessed and balanced, will unleash the ultimate goddess from within.
Keep your chakras and energies balanced; get a Reiki tune-up!

Remember you are a powerful being!