Do you wish things could be different?
Stop giving someone or something else your power over how you think and feel. Start taking responsibility for your own happiness. When you make the effort to become more aware of when you might be giving your power away, then you can consciously start to reclaim it – by deciding to change your thoughts and actions. You will start trusting yourself more and in doing so, you will reclaim your energy and your power.

There are so many ways we unconsciously give our power away, whether that’s in a relationship, work environment, or simply scrolling through our Facebook feed. I’m not talking about power such as dominating over others. I’m talking about the power to be yourself and to trust that your feelings are real, your voice matters, you have a choice, and your gut and intuition were right.

Below are some key situations/ ways where you maybe give away your power:

You let other people dictate how you feel
When you let someone else dictate whether your emotion was valid or not, you are giving up an important part of who you are. One of the ways we can learn to validate our feelings is to take the time to get to know them and try not to get too attached to the statements people give us.

Too many apologies
You can be empathetic and validate people’s emotions by letting them know you understand that whatever they are going through is difficult for them, and then keep your sorry to yourself.
Identifying that you are responsible for other people’s feelings will help you to stay in your power and not apologize or feel guilty.

You Can’t Say No
In my experience, the best way to feel less bad about saying no is to get very clear on your priorities and ask yourself if whatever you are saying yes to is worth giving up those priorities.

Feeling helpless
This one goes along with saying no. You ALWAYS have a choice. True, sometimes you have to make difficult choices. Pay close attention the next time you tell yourself you can’t do something because of X reason. Very often it is again a matter of priorities. Sometimes it’s a matter of taking a leap of faith. Sometimes it’s shifting your perspective or getting out of your comfort zone. No one but you gets to decide what you do with your time and energy so get in the driver’s seat and choose where you want to go!

No time for yourself- Excuses
How many times have you told yourself you are too busy to do something for yourself? If you want to show up in all the different places in your life with your best foot forward, you have to nurture yourself too. Self-care can mean different things to different

You repeat the same relationship patterns
Whether you keep dating the ‘wrong’ person or engage in relationships where you end up facing the same difficult scenarios over and over again you’re ultimately giving up your power. Many of us repeat the same unhealthy relationship patterns we told ourselves we’d never allow to happen again. Forgive yourself for the times you’ve entered unhealthy relationships, where you were hurt, betrayed, felt worthless or caused hurt to others.

Low self-confidence
Your worthiness doesn’t depend on other people’s opinions of you. And just for the record, there’s always gonna be haters, so just keep on doing you and let them own their own feelings and problems.
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Lack of self-expression
While it is important to listen to others and understand another person’s point of view, to never voice your thoughts and to stay silent when something is wrong, you lose your power by not speaking up.

Your mind is like this garden, too. Except sometimes we get confused and keep the good thoughts out and the bad in. Tend the garden of your mind carefully, pull the weeds of negative, fearful, and unhelpful thoughts, and throw them outside the fence. Plant the seeds of your dreams and hopes, thoughts that feel good, by taking a few moments daily to reflect on your dreams and imagine them coming true in as much detail as you can.

Let’s start practicing keeping our power within ourselves.
You are strong!