Peace is a common goal of humanity, as it empowers us to see ourselves, other people, our situations, and the world positively.

Why Is It Important to Find Inner Peace in Our Life?
Finding your peace of mind results in fewer worries, anxieties, stress, and fears. Inner peace is linked to achieving self-actualization. When you find that state of balance in your life, here are the benefits:

  • Better everyday function in handling your day-to-day affairs.
  • Boost energy levels and better management of your emotions.
  • Less drama, fewer worries, less stress, and positive thoughts.
  • A kind and compassionate treatment toward other people.
  • You’re not affected by the negative comments of society.
  • You’ll learn how to deal with difficult emotions.
  • The ability to have a clear judgment when dealing with stressful challenges.
  • Getting a good night’s sleep

What impacts our inner peace?
There are many events and moments we go through where we begin to question things about our life.  Could be a wedding, a funeral, a vacation, or just simply sitting in the silence of your own home.  For me, it was a recent family gathering that led me down the path of examining what affects our love, peace, and happiness.  My conclusion:  both internal and external factors!

Internal factors are the internal strengths and weaknesses that an organization exhibits and can affect how well a company meets its objectives. Their ‘people factor.’ Their culture.

External factors are often looked at as outside influences that may impact the business’s strategic goals and financial objectives.  Changes in the market.  Competition.

Below are some more barriers that impacts our inner peace:

Needing other’s approval
We don’t control what other people think about us. Sure, we can influence it. But no matter if we do everything right, it’s still up to them if they validate us or not.

Past emotional baggage:
Our minds will never be peaceful when we cannot let go of the past. If we carry past events with us all the time, we burden ourselves with luggage that increases in weight every day. The problem is: we cannot change the past. It’s already happened. Also, we cannot really trust the mind in regards to retelling a story about the past; the stories we tell ourselves are often biased and incomplete. On the other hand, life experiences often contain valuable lessons. So, the art is losing the past without losing the lesson.

Fears about the Future
How can we be peaceful if our minds are lingering in the future? The problem with the future is that it hasn’t happened yet. So, by thinking about it we approach an infinite amount of possibilities and ‘what ifs’.

Being The Controller/ The Perfectionist
You know what they say: perfection doesn’t exist. And I think that’s true. Nevertheless, perfectionists are always restless because of the idea that their creation isn’t good enough. The problem is that because perfection doesn’t exist, not a single result will ever satisfy a perfectionist; there will always be that feeling of dissatisfaction with themselves and their capabilities. So, how about replacing perfection with excellence? Because achieving excellence is completely doable, and, thus, doesn’t burden the mind with the insatiable need to be perfect.

Blocked Chakras/ Energy Draining
When we have too much on our plate; we start feeling overwhelmed. This feeling leads to contracted chakras/ energy centers and we feel burnt out; lose motivation in our day-to-day life. Reiki, Meditation, and Yoga are phenomenal in releasing these barriers and creating balanced energies.

Fixed mindset/ Rigid Opinions
People that have decided for themselves that they dislike or even hate certain things, people or situations, will probably either avoid or fight the objects of their aversion. In both cases, energy is spent, even though these people are willing to sacrifice this energy in order to stay away from the things they are averse to. The problem is: the world is beyond our control and there is no guarantee that we’ll never encounter the objects of our aversion. It’s time to be flexible; go with the flow.