I believe that our thoughts create our feelings, and today, we’ll be talking about how our inner child, that kiddo part of us that lives on within us into adulthood, maybe steering the ship more than we recognize and how important it is to bring awareness, love, and understanding to our inner child if we’re ever to become our most embodied, enlightened, and free versions of our adult selves.

What is this concept of the inner child?
The “little you” – tender, emotional. Your inner-child is the innocent part of you – all about feelings and your primal needs.

  • Vulnerable and innocent
  • Deep feeling and sensitivity
  • Curious, creative, and playful
  • Craves love, recognition, and validation
  • Desires connection and safety
  • Open-minded
  • Total in expression – be it anger, sadness, joy

Your inner child is the part of you that you’ve locked away and have placed protective mechanisms around, that you’ve learned to hide in order to survive. If you grew up with dysfunction, your inner child learned to thrive in that environment, however, they did, by seeking intense order and control or by moving with the dysfunction and seeking out dysfunctional relationships throughout your life, in love, work, friendship.

How to Connect to Your Inner-Child

  • Do a body-scan – tune into your physical sensations. Connecting to your inner child requires that you go inward, rather than seeking distraction in times of emotional intensity.
  • Close your eyes and visualize “little you”, form a dialogue. Ask questions like “what are you feeling, what do you need right now?” If you want help with this, feel free to try a Reiki session in which I help you heal any trauma from your childhood and release those toxic emotions.
  • Practice setting boundaries and building healthy routines.
  • Practice self-care and take care of yourself as if you are your own parent.
  • Take time to feel your feelings, and then take action when you are calm, grounded, and stable.
  • Use affirmations like “you’re safe”, and “I am here to take care of you”

Here are some more affirmations to help you connect with your inner child:

  • I am unconditionally lovable.
  • I am perfect just as I am.
  • I’m allowed to make mistakes.
  • My feelings are valid.
  • My experiences are valid

Your inner child can keep you in the shadows fearing being truly seen. So it’s important to step back, to understand how these stories get stuck inside us as an entryway to talk about why our inner child matters and how to support ourselves.
I am here to support you in your inner child healing journey. Feel free to reach out at [email protected] 

Love and light