Love is an extremely powerful energy that has the capacity to transform ourselves and others.
But many of us find it difficult to direct love toward ourselves. We quickly become aware of negative feelings like shame, guilt, and self-criticism that make it hard to love and care for ourselves. Unfortunately, this is all too common.

Inner-child work is a powerful tool for healing from psychological trauma, dysfunctional patterns, and self-harming behaviors. The inner-child is not a literal child, it is a metaphorical “little you”. The part of your psyche that is still childlike, innocent, and full of wonder. The inner child may hold memories of abuse, neglect, and other traumas we endured during childhood. Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are traumatic events in a child’s life that can have lasting negative effects on our health and well-being. These childhood traumas can impact our capacity for self-love as a result of stress trapped in the body. This is one of the reasons that the following meditation begins by strengthening our heart and mind with the somatic sensations of love and peace.

Healing that inner child within us is the first and most important expression of love and kindness toward ourselves. Here are several ways we can practice love for ourselves, heal the wounds within us, and expand our capacity to love other people because to fully love others we must first love ourselves.

What is our Inner-Child like?
The “little you” – tender, emotional. Your inner-child is the innocent part of you – all about feelings and your primal needs.

  • Deep feeling and sensitivity
  • Vulnerable and innocent
  • Curious, creative, and playful
  • Craves love, recognition, and validation
  • Desires connection and safety
  • Open-minded
  • Total in expression – be it anger, sadness, joy

Reparenting our inner child:
The idea of becoming your own parent may sound a bit out there at first. But what if inner child work is essential for emotional healing? You may think of yourself as a grown-up just because you reached a certain age. The truth is, many adults carry wounded children within themselves. Often, we don’t see it. We cover up childhood trauma by staying busy and dead-serious about everything we do. By connecting with our inner-child, we gain access to new information about our unhealed wounds, and the needs that may not have been met when we were actually children. Then, “reparenting” becomes the process of meeting those needs and practicing self-care so we can operate in the world as happy, functional adults and create a space of love and light within ourselves.

How to Connect to Your Inner Child?
Here are some of my favorite tips:

  • Do a body scan – tune into your physical sensations. Connecting to your inner child requires that you go inward, rather than seeking distraction in times of emotional intensity.
  • Close your eyes and visualize “little you”, form a dialogue. Ask questions like “what are you feeling, what do you need right now?” If you want help with this, download my “Free Healing Your Inner Child Meditation here“
  • Draw a picture, paint, or make art that reflects your inner child.
  • Write a letter to your inner child.
  • Use mantras like “you’re safe”, and “I am here to take care of you”.
  • Practice setting boundaries and building healthy routines.
  • Practice self-care and take care of yourself as if you are your own parent.
  • Take time to feel your feelings, and then take action when you are calm, grounded, and stable.

Choose some affirmations that your inner child wants to hear, that would be healing for them, and write them down on a post-it note in your room. Take a moment every morning to read these affirmations out loud to your inner child.
Some suggestions to get you started:

  • “I love you”
  • “I’m sorry we went through that”
  • “You deserve bodily autonomy”
  • “You have a right to explore and play”

Remember, the inner child reflects the child we once were in both his or her ‘negative’ and ‘positive’ aspects.
Both our unmet needs and suppressed childhood emotions, as well as our childlike innocence, creativity, and joy, are still waiting within of us.”Our inner child is still with us today. It is waiting for someone to come and acknowledge and give love.
Start creating a loving space for your inner child.

Need help to connect to heal your wounded inner child?
Reiki healing session will help a lot. Try it to see the benefits. I am here to support you.
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