Mindfulness is being aware of your mind, body and spirit.
It should be as much a physical practice as it is a mental one. In simple words mindfulness is expanding your awareness; paying attention to our bodies is often an easy way into mindfulness and helps us reduce stress while it’s happening.

Here are the top 5 coached many clients and practice them myself that might help you to achieve more mindfulness balance:

Take deep breaths:
It takes just one intentional breath to change our perspective. A single breath gives you a break from the mind’s chatter and a chance for your body to regulate A breath can take you out of the story, making you less gullible.

Try this: Simply close your eyes. Declare to yourself this affirmation:

“ I am ready to release my stress and get relaxed”.
Then take deep breath from your nostrils from your stomach filling up your lungs; then exhale using your mouth releasing the heaviness. Repeat this technique as many times as you want till you feel a bit lighter and relaxed.

Pay attention to emotions:

Emotional sensitivity is the key to being more balanced. Our emotions; especially the negative ones if not released sit in different areas of our body and cause us physical symptoms.
Step one is to say hello to all your emotions that you become aware off.

Doing a self-audit: List down the things that are worrying you. Then ask yourself what are you doing in terms of taking actions to release these worries. Do you need additional support? *Let’s not be shy to ask for help.

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  • Own the moment. When you can make this moment the most important moment, nothing can overwhelm you. Let’s not worry about things that have not yet happened.
  • Self-Love. It’s time that you value yourself. Daily do some ‘me-time’ activities.
  • Take time to reflect. Let’s journal. Let’s meditate. *Let’s keep our chakras and energies balanced!
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Keep staying positive.
Keep smiling.

Love and light