How often do you make time for yourself?
Most of us take on way more than we can handle. We have so much to do and not enough time to do it. We stress ourselves out and are exhausted by the end of the day.

Are you being faced with barriers to self care?
You and I both know that lot of us are going through a great deal of stress, and when we’re trying to practice self care we’re going to bump into some challenges along the way. 

Here are some of the common barriers that can come int he way to your self-care:

  • No Motivation
  • Feeling Guilty About Spending Time or Money on your own self
  • A Lack of Awareness of Your Own Needs
  • Putting Other’s Needs First
  • Lack of time
  • Thinking You are Not Worthy of Self-care
  • Not understanding how to start/ practice daily self-care
  • Wanting to be always perfect / lack of self- forgiveness
  • Not setting healthy boundaries

Ready for take care of yourself on a regular basis? Ready to make yourself the ‘priority’?

Here are some tips/ strategies for starting your Self- Care Journey:

Learn how to say “No” without feelings of guilt
Don’t try to do everything for the people in your life. You do not need to take on the responsibilities of others if asked to do so. Simply saying “No” will free up some of your time and the person who asked you will find someone else to help them.

Get at least 6-8 hours of deep sleep
Better quality sleep, stronger bones, increased Vitamin D (which we get only through exposure to the sun), improved mood, decreased signs of anxiety and depression and many other benefits come once you decide to spend more time outside.

Make “Me Time” a priority
Make the time to do something you love. If you don’t know what you are truly passionate about, take the time to find out. Then be sure that you make the time for it and fit it into your regular schedule. Your “Me Time” should be as important as anything else in your life. It is a priority. And you will have something to look forward to through those challenging days!

Eat better; take care of your gut health
Even if you work from home and never have time for a proper snack, there are always ways to look after your healthy diet; no excuses. Give your body the fresh, healthy food it loves!

Manage your time
Do you manage your time or does your time manage you? Try to change your schedule to make your life easier.  Perhaps it is helpful to have dinner at an earlier time, or to prepare your next day’s lunch the evening before?  Chores not completed, can be left for another day. Do whatever it takes to manage your time more effectively.

Place self-love and self-care reminders all around the house
For example; nn the bathroom mirror, you could place a note that says “Smile!”

When you make yourself a priority, not only do you benefit, but so do the people around you. I’m not suggesting you ignore or abandon the needs of others. I’m saying that you need to take better care of yourself and be the very best you can be, for yourself, and for the people in your life. You should not feel guilty for choosing to do so, as you are the most important person in your life!

Remember ‘You are very important”!