Most of us feel more energized unfazed by life’s challenges, and secure in what we do when we are better connected with ourselves. We operate from a place of love, which engenders balance and good health.

How to make the connection? Fortunately there are many ways to experience your true nature, so you’re by no means confined to the sometimes mysterious and elusive practice of ‘meditation’.

Here are some suggestions which work for me.

How to connect:

1.  Spend time in silence

We live in a world of noise and distractions, which continually tug our attention out of ourselves to the material world. So one way to connect with your true Self is through silence.Simply sit or lie away from people, the computer, TV, newspapers and books, and be with yourself. No effort is needed, just relax and ‘be’. At first your thoughts may run amok, but if you persist they quieten down until you experience an inner calm.

2.  Spend time in nature

Trees, plants and animals are still connected to their source, to the power and intelligence that made them. So communing with nature, outdoors or simply through single flower in a vase, helps connect you to your inner self.

3.  Become aware of your breath

Perhaps the easiest way to connect to yourself is to become aware of your breath. Simply shift your awareness to your breath coming into, and then leaving, your body. This immediately brings your attention to the present, and a calm place in which you can connect to your Self.

4. Use a meditation method

There are many ‘methods’ available to help you find your inner Self, coming under the general umbrella of ‘meditation’. Try what you are most comfortable with.

5.  Release your feelings

Another approach is to release the feelings, which have built up around, and in turn dimmed, your inner Self.

Starting with whatever feeling is present in this moment release it, and notice what feeling surfaces next. Then release that feeling, and so on. Gradually you dissolve away the layers of feeling, until you reach a peaceful place of ‘be-ing’.