What does Grounding Yourself mean?

To ‘be grounded,’ or ‘grounding yourself,’ essentially means staying connected to the present moment without getting lost in thoughts or emotions. As the ground, or earth, is symbolic of stability and strength, staying grounded essentially means finding your inner roots, your inner connection to the earth.

Signs of Ungroundedness

Ungroundedness makes you feel as if you are getting out of touch with reality. You feel as if you are not your normal self. The best terms to describe yourself include “being flighty”, “floaty”. Taken to the extreme, ungroundedness can make you a Drama Queen; you exaggerate your problems, your imagination is in overdrive and you are particularly sensitive. Because you expend a lot of energy unnecessarily and inappropriately, you experience extreme exhaustion. Other indicative signs that contribute to an out-of-sorts feeling include being anxious, worried, restless, or lethargic for no apparent reasons.

Simple Grounding Exercise.

  • Being ungrounded happens when you are out-of-balance on the first chakra. For your understanding, your energy field has two “openings”. These opening are through the first (root) and the seventh (crown) chakra. The root chakra connects the body to the earth energy, while the seventh chakra allows Universal energy to flow in. When energy is blocked, you are unable to access the support of the earth and the higher awareness of your spirit. A simple grounding exercise involves the visualization of yourself as a tree. First, close your eyes. Next, visualize roots growing out from your feet. “Extend” these roots through the ground and going all the way down. Anchor them at the center of the earth.

If you are struggling to keep your feet on the ground and stay present, learn how to ground yourself in any situation with these empowering tips:

  • Focus on your inhales and exhales
  • Drink a hot, non-caffeinated beverage
  • Eat something healthy, heavy, and sustaining
  • Focus on something beautiful
  • Hold something (or someone)
  • Have a grounding affirmation on hand. One of my favorite affirmations is “I am supported”.
  • Be self-compassionate
  • Incorporate somatic mindfulness into what you do
  • Get Your Chakras Balanced by trying a Reiki session

Staying Grounded is a daily practice. Just be mindful of what you are feeling and practice the visualization technique suggested in this blog. Get your Chakras balanced; it makes a huge difference in your focus and balance.

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