Inner child work is a vital component of the spiritual awakening journey because it reconnects us with a wounded element of ourselves: the child within. When we reconnect with this fragmented part of ourselves, we can begin to discover the root of many of our fears, phobias, insecurities, and sabotaging life patterns. This is where true healing and liberation happens!

By connecting with our inner-child, we gain access to new information about our unhealed wounds, and the needs that may not have been met when we were actually children.

How to recognize if you have a wounded inner child?

These are some signs that you may have a wounded inner child:

  • You feel that there is something wrong with you, in the deepest parts of yourself.
  • You experience anxiety when going out of your comfort zone.
  • You’re a people-pleaser.
  • You don’t have a strong sense of identity.
  • You deliberately like being in conflict with people around you.
  • You’re a hoarder of things, emotions, people, and you have a hard time letting go.
  • You feel inadequate as a man or a woman.
  • You constantly criticize yourself for your supposed inadequacy.
  • You’re unforgiving to yourself, rigid, and a perfectionist.
  • You have a hard time committing and trusting.
  • You have deep abandonment issues and would cling to relationships, even when they are toxic

What is inner child healing?
Inner child healing, or inner child work, is an essential part of inner work, the psycho-therapeutic or spiritual process of changing yourself to become the person you know you can be. On its own, inner child healing reconnects us to the wounded elements of our inner child within..

Tips to heal your Inner Child:

  • Have a conversation with your inner child
    Acknowledge your inner child and let her know that you’re there for her. Treat her with kindness and respect.
    Some self-nurturing things you could say to your inner child include, for example: “I love you”, “I’m here for you”.
  • Look at pictures of yourself as a child
    Go through old photo albums and rediscover what your younger self looked like. Let that image be burned into your brain because it will serve you well throughout the rest of your inner child work. You might even like to put photos of yourself next to your bedside table, in your wallet, or around the house just to remind yourself of your inner child’s presence.
  • Revisit your childhood memories
    Sit down and think about what you loved to do as a child. Maybe you liked climbing trees, playing with toy blocks, cuddling toy bears, or eating warm porridge. Make time to include whatever activity you loved to do as a child in your present life.
  • Pay attention to your feelings
    Your inner child is sensitive and vulnerable. It’s important to pay attention to your inner child’s fears and insecurities as well as the joys and feelings of wonder that often come up when connecting with your inner child. Throughout the day, check-in with yourself and ask, “how am I feeling right now?”
  • Be mindful of your inner critic
    It’s important to listen to this voice, at the same time as listening to the voice of your inner child. All of these voices deserve to be heard, and by listening to them you’ll give them the space to shape how you’re feeling today
  • Meditate:
    Connecting to your inner child through meditation is a passive process: simply breathe deeply, relax, allow yourself to witness your thoughts. Try a virtual meditation class with Manali for a beautiful deep inner child meditation.
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  • Balance your Chakras with Reiki
    Heal Your Chakras and Emotional pain by trying this relaxing healing session. Book your session here!
  • Journal
    Daily journaling about how you feel is a very transformational technique. You can write about your past or present; honest self-expression is the key.

Inner child work is the process of contacting, understanding, embracing, and healing your inner child. Your inner child represents your first original self that entered into this world; it contains your capacity to experience wonder, joy, innocence, sensitivity, and playfulness. This reconnection allows you to access the fragmented parts of yourself so that you can discover the root of your phobias, fears, insecurities, and self-sabotaging inclinations.

Instead of simply finding and looking at the symptoms of your pain, inner child healing will help you go right to the core and reveal when your issues began, and deal with them effectively.

I am here to help you with your inner child healing. Don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected] if you need support!





Powerful healing affirmations for your inner child:


I’m doing a beautiful job with my healing work.

I am worthy of love and forgiveness.

I am whole and complete.

I am safe.

I am whole.

I am worthy.