imagesWhat are Chakras?
Just as your physical body has distinct parts and organ systems, so also does your energy system. Some of these parts are your aura, your meridians, and your chakras. Chakras are a vitally important part of your personal energy system. They can best be described as concentrated, especially active areas of energy in your energy-body. People who are sensitive to energy can feel them with their hands; some people can also see them. There are seven primary chakras, located along the center-line of the upper body, from the bottom of the spine to the top of the head. They can be visualized as spinning, cone-like shapes that project out from the body. Through them, we exchange energy with the rest of the cosmos.

The chakras play an important role in your physical health and quality of your life. Each of the seven main chakras is associated with different glands, organs, body areas, and elements of your life, personality, and spiritual development.

What are chakra imbalances?
In a healthy chakra system, energy flows freely and in a balanced way, in and out of each chakra and between the chakras as well. However, it’s common for one or more chakras to be partially blocked, imbalanced or out of harmony. Blockages and imbalances, whether they occur in the physical body or the energy body, aren’t good. It goes without saying that a blocked artery, a blocked airway, clogged lungs or even a stuffy nose is going to cause you health problems. Blockages in the flow of energy through your chakras will also cause problems. The results may be less dire and less immediate than a blocked airway, but over time a blockage or imbalance in a chakra is likely to result in disturbances in health, emotions, mind, spirit, or life.

Chakras can become blocked or imbalanced for any number of reasons, including negative thoughts and emotions, life-trauma, an over-emphasis on a particular aspect of life (for example, being a workaholic) or the influence of a person’s culture, environment, or surroundings. We can also be born with a particular chakra out of balance, with it being part of our life’s work to restore it to balance.

You’ll know when a chakra is blocked or unbalanced because you won’t feel tip-top. There will be some aspect of your life, health, mind, or emotions that isn’t functioning well. You may feel anxious, dull, listless, low-energy, sad for no reason, chaotic, caught in a whirl of unpleasant events, or just like “there should be something more to life.”

How can Reiki help in balancing and unblocking your chakras?
Balancing and clearing the chakras can be part of a deeply devoted, life-long search for spiritual growth and eventually, enlightenment. Fortunately, there are also many simple, practical techniques like Reiki that can help us to improve the balance and flow of their chakras.

Just one Reiki session can help you in clearing and re-balancing your chakras to feel better physically and help your life go more smoothly. It won’t necessarily make your life a bed of roses, but you’ll feel a basic sense of vitality and “glad-to-be-aliveness.” It supports well-being in your body, mind, emotions, and spirit. It can also help you grow and evolve on a personal level, speeding up the process of working through issues such as anxiety, jealousy and insecurity.

What is Reiki?
Reiki is an energy therapy for reducing stress, relaxing the mind, body and spirit and promoting good health and well-being. The practice was developed in 1922 in Japan and has since been adapted by teachers and practitioners across the world.
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It’s important to note that having a chakra blocked or otherwise out of balance to some degree is pretty normal. For nearly everyone, it’s just part of being human. Nobody’s perfect!

Finding balance is a dynamic thing, both for our physical and our energy systems. We don’t just find balance and then that’s it — it’s an ongoing process, part of being alive. So working with your chakras isn’t one more thing you have to worry about – it’s just another tool for helping yourself be healthier and happier.

Try a Reiki session today. It will change your life!