Productivity depends on your planning and efficiency at work. It is something that comes from within and cannot be forced after a certain level. 


Here are a few ways to boost your productivity:

Schedule less time for important tasks. This seems counterintuitive, but it isn’t in practice. When you limit how much time you give yourself to work on important tasks, you force yourself to expend more energy over less time so you can get the tasks done faster.
Keep all of your emails five sentences or less, and make a note of it in your signature. Using this hack I’ve blown through my inbox like crazy, and most people don’t mind when you keep your emails short and to the point.

Keep a list of everything you’re waiting on,to make sure nothing slips through the cracks, and so you can worry a lot less about the people and things you need to stay on top of.

“Clear to neutral.” Whenever you finish an activity, clean up to reduce the friction to starting it the next time. E.g. clean the kitchen when you finish cooking, or set aside your running gear for your run tomorrow morning.

Create a “mindless list.” Accumulate a list of the mindless activities you do (laundry, cleaning, etc.), and do them all at once while listening to something productive (an audiobook, TED talk, etc.)

Memorize a poem. Coming back from office after a hard day demands rest. But that doesn’t mean you doze off after sipping on a cup of coffee. Sit with your loved ones, and read some poetry or quotes by some great personality. Try to memorize a verse or two to stimulate your brain into becoming more active and productive. This trick might come in handy to woo your girlfriend as well. You can recite a poem whenever a need arises.

Declutter. Your material desires won’t take you anywhere in life. Get rid of the desires to keep this and that. Keep minimum possessions and you will live a happy life.

Remember The Names of People You Meet. You may be meeting almost 20-30 people everyday. Be it in the supermarket or your office colleague. Try remembering all the names. Not only this is a good sign of your healthy mind but also helps you to be friendly with people. When you call someone by her/his name, it makes them feel special to you.

Fitness. Whether it’s a 20 minute brisk walking or running in the treadmill, staying fit should be everyone’s motto. No need to wait for doctor’s advice to stay fit. Being fit, both physically and emotionally, is a strong task to achieve.

Focus. Focus on the work you are doing. Switching tabs to Google something while watching a movie isn’t really appreciable. While you are cooking, concentrate on the spices and not your mailbox alert. Similarly, while in office, do your day’s task with caution and stop planning a surprise party for next weekend. This affects productivity like anything.

Live in The Moment. Carpe diem. Be happy with your present situation and everything that you have. Just because you don’t have an SUV doesn’t mean you can’t go on a long drive. Try finding easy and feasible solutions to life’s problem. Enjoy the little joys of life.

Laugh Out Loud. Did you know, when you smile from ear to ear, the brain relases Serotonin, the happiness hormone. Begin your day with a grin. Laugh out loud, no matter if others think you are insane. That’s the best part. Let others misinterpret your morning happiness activity and laugh at you. So your laughter is actually making other people happy. Isn’t that a good thing?

Bring Joy To Others. It’s not always being happy. You need to make sure that people around you share the same vibe as yours. Just imagine if this works, then how easy life would become. All you need to do is share your happiness with people.

Let’s make a choice today to make things happen!