How do they keep from being thrown off balance when “bad” things happen to them?

Stress comes in many forms. Acute stress is the type that happens and is then over quickly, leaving relatively little damage in its wake. Chronic stress, on the other hand, is the type that occurs on a more regular basis and creates far more damage in the body, including everything from greater susceptibility to colds and the flu to a higher risk of heart disease.

Too much of any type of stress, however, can feel overwhelming, and it can often sneak up on us. Many people don’t realize how much stress is building up until they suddenly feel overwhelmed. Other times, stressful or attention-demanding events may seem to happen one after the other, and you may go from feeling calm to completely overwhelmed with surprising speed.

Try these 2 key steps the next time you are stressed out:

1. Notice – Expand Your Awareness:
Are you noticing the obstacles and problems in your life, or are you noticing the blessings and opportunities? Are you noticing too many things at once, and trying to handle too much information at the same time?

Here’s the truth: If you focus on your problems and how much pain and stress they are causing you, your negative feelings will only grow.

So the first step I recommend you do in any stressful situation is to take a deep breath. Notice that you’re breathing, and feel the air flowing through your nostrils, going down into your belly, then rising back out of your body.

Notice the tip of your nose, your right index finger, your left kneecap, the bottom of your right foot, the tips of all ten toes, your cheeks, your chin, the top of your head. You have a choice in this very moment – you can choose to be aware of what you’re noticing, to notice that you’re alive and that you can notice, or you can choose to continue to think about your problem.

Use this practice to bring your awareness back to yourself and your body, and take a moment to let your mind rest and become present again by focusing on the simple sensations that tell you you’re alive.

2.  Ask yourself, “What possible good could come from this situation?”

Every challenge has within it the seed of equal or greater benefit, and like any seed, it has to be found, planted, nurtured, and grown before it can be harvested to move you forward in life. The key to seeing the possible good in the challenge you’re facing is to stay open and curious – this is how opportunities present themselves to you!
Ask yourself, “What possible gift could there be for me inside of this challenge?”
Then, stay open and write down the answers that come to you.

Remember it’s all about daily practice.
If you need more support; here are some more tools for you:

  • Try a reiki session. Book here!
  • Try our 4-part online ‘Plant Your Roots Program. Want to know more? Read here!