You have core beliefs that guide the decisions you make. They affect how you interpret the events in your life and they influence the way you think, feel, and behave. Your healthy beliefs serve you well. But, the unrealistic, self-limiting beliefs you hold onto–and everyone has some unhealthy beliefs–can hold you back from reaching your greatest potential. It’s important to acknowledge your core beliefs and examine which ones might be inaccurate and unproductive. Then, you can take steps to let go of the beliefs that are limiting your potential.

How do we adopt limiting beliefs?

  • By learning how society works, and via media.
  • By observing others (and how they didn’t make it)
  • Through our own experiences:  a. Things we were told and believed them in childhood or even later (kids brainwaves are in a state of alpha until they are 6 years old, therefore they take everything literally)  b. Things that happened to us, relationships, traumas.
  • By assigning (wrong, disempowering) meaning to our experiences (here is an example of how to be unreasonably unbeatable about assigning a positive meaning)
  • Past lives (except for those of you, naturally, who don’t believe in past lives 😉

Here are some examples of Self-Limiting Beliefs:

  1. I Can’t because…
  2. I don’t have time
  3. I am not good enough
  4. I am not as good as them
  5. I have failed
  6. I can never do this

The first steps to transformation:

  1. Recognize you are limiting yourself with your thoughts. And thoughts can be changed.
  2. Accept you adopted that limiting belief in the past and your life is now a result of that belief.
  3. Make a decision to change the limiting belief with an empowering one.
  4. Take ACTION based on the new idea. Test the ground.

I next week’s blog I will be sharing how to overcome your limiting beliefs. Stay tuned!

Love and light