When you lose track of your self-worth and stop doing the things you love – the things that make your heart happy! – you lose a little bit of what makes you – YOU!

You lose a little of your spark. And that’s not good for you or anyone else!
You can decide how you want to be treated and the best place to start is with the way you respect and treat yourself. How to intentionally develop self-worth and teach others to treat you well with how you treat yourself.

The importance of understanding that no one is going to value you more than you value yourself.

What Does It Mean to Value Yourself?
You value yourself when you believe you are worthy of respect, love, and well-being. Self-value is different than selfishness or self-absorption. When you value yourself, you cultivate self-respect and set up healthy boundaries for yourself and others in your life. A sense of self-value allows you to approach everyone else in your life—family, friends, colleagues—with self-confidence and feelings of dignity. With this as your bedrock, you can commit to self-care, let go of negative thoughts, and build up positive relationships with those around you.

How To Start Valuing Yourself More?
If you’d like to learn how to value yourself more highly, there are several steps you can take that may help improve your self-image.
Below are the top 4 strategies to help you build your self-worth and enhance your mental well-being:

  1. Be proud of who you are- Rock it!
    Be comfortable with who you are — your weight, height, and everything that makes and represents you. Be confident in the work you deliver and your sense of professionalism. No matter how adverse the external situations are, you can always have a sense of inner balance and tranquillity. Recognize that YOU DO make a difference; yes; are trying your best in all the different roles you’re playing in your life. Acknowledge your daily victories.
  2. Learn To Take Compliments
    When we reject compliments, we are often diminishing our accomplishments and devaluing ourselves. Your favourite word is ‘Thank you’; say this to others when they compliment you. Sat this to yourself when you accomplish something.
  3. Avoid Criticizing Yourself
    Sometimes, we’re so worried about being criticized that we criticize ourselves before anyone else has the chance. Remember that there’s a big difference between identifying areas for improvement and criticizing yourself. The first is a problem-solving task. The second often serves the purpose of making you feel bad about yourself.
  4. Let Go of the Past
    One of the most common reasons we struggle with self-esteem issues is that we’re stuck in the past. Whether that’s a mistake you made that you feel bad about or something a person did to hurt you, it’s tough to let these things go. Often, we keep thinking about these events again and again, so it feels impossible to move on. But with time and awareness, you can.
    Whenever you think about the painful past, try to redirect your thoughts to people and things you’re grateful for right now or your vision for the future. It can be hard at first, but this habit will help you let go of the past that you can’t change but is holding you back from growth with practice.
    Try a Reiki Healing Session and Guided Meditation Class for your deeper inner child healing to let go of your past!

How Reiki and Meditation can help your Self- Esteem?
Energy balancing/ healing and having our chakras in balance help us to be more stable to handle our day-to-day stress. A huge part of Reiki healing work and meditations is about healing your inner child and your deeper conscious mind. To release childhood limiting conditionings and open your love, light and abundance channels. Want to know more; chat with Manali; book your first free 2 minutes session here!

My favourite affirmations for enhancing our self-value:
“ I am important”
“ I am enough”
“ I am unique”

Bottom line!
Developing a robust sense of self-worth can be the key to enjoying a fulfilling, healthy life. For support in developing greater self-love and improving your self-image, consider talking with a licensed therapist. Connecting with the right professional can be the first step toward an enhanced self-image and improved emotional well-being.

Love and light