Are you resisting change in your life?
Are you going with the flow?
When we resist, we don’t show up as our best version, but instead we can fall into non-nourishing thought patterns, lose our motivation, and feel as if we no longer have agency over our lives because external influences have become too overwhelming. No matter how much structure we create in our lives, no matter how many good habits we build, there will always be things that we cannot control — and if we let them, these things can be a huge source of anger, frustration and stress.

Resisting your life is thinking at every turn its not supposed to be this way, this shouldn’t be happening, why me, poor me, how come… with a mindset like this you are always in opposition with yourself. Flowing with your life is following the natural sequence of events and embracing them. This is where the expertise of resilience and adaptability come into play

The simple solution: learn to go with the flow.

I love how Kathryn Corbin is a Law of Attraction Life Coach; has explained this concept below:

Upstream Thoughts or Downstream Thoughts?
A good way to release resistance and go with the flow of Well-Being is to ask: “Is this an upstream thought or a downstream thought?” Upstream thoughts create resistance. Downstream thoughts allow in what we’re asking for. With upstream thinking, we’re trying to make something happen. With downstream thinking, we allow it to happen.
Trust the Stream.
It’s all about trusting the stream to carry us to everything we desire. Trust is the key to going with the flow of Well-Being. I now understand WHY the stream will take me where I want to go. Because it’s MY stream! I

What happens when we resist?
We get lost in the emotional swirl of pain, suffering and discomfort, we forget that these experiences are temporary. In fact, everything emotion we have, as well as every life circumstance we find ourselves in, is impermanent and fleeting. Knowing this, when you experience a joyful moment, live it to its fullest potential, suck all the marrow out of it! And when you are suffering, struggling or in pain, know that it too shall pass. Life begins to flow when you begin to accept.

Going with the flow!
What is going with the flow? It’s rolling with the punches. It’s accepting change without getting angry or frustrated. It’s taking what life gives you, rather than trying to mold life to be exactly as you want it to be.
Releasing resistance could also be called the art of surrender. Letting it go. The “it” you let go of, is any thought, feeling or belief that generates negative emotions inside of you. Things that are not serving you for your highest and best good.

Next time you notice you are resisting something and not going with the flow; try these 4 steps below:

  1. Take a big huge deep breath– Inhale for 4, hold for 4, exhale for 4. While exhaling telling yourself that the resistance is leaving. Repeat this a few times until you notice yourself feeling lighter or calmer – a shift toward a positive emotion is your sign you have released resistance and shifted into allowing.
  2. Give yourself a 5- or 10-minute break and watch, read or listen to something that makes you laugh or relax. Watching a funny video or listening to a guided meditation or ocean waves, are something you can do. Pray.
  3. Journal -Write down in this time as well, as many things as come to your mind, that you appreciate. You will feel yourself letting go and feeling lighter.
  4. Step out– Get some fresh air for 5 or 10-minutes (or longer). If the weather’s nice, it’s easier to stay outside longer.

The more often you practice to release your resistant feelings, the more joy you’ll have in your life. You will be allowing more of the people, places and things into your life that you truly would love to have.

Love and light to you.