Time Management and Work-Life Balance Connection

Time management systems abound and still, we flounder and falter at making the most of every sunrise. We plan for the future and neglect to cherish the present. We’d rather look back wistfully even though the future is full of hope.
And yet, for many of us, it seems there are not enough hours in a day.

Mental and physical health: Numerous studies have shown that individuals who follow work-life balance strategies and practices are more likely to be mentally and physically healthier than those struggling to juggle professional and personal matters.

Productivity: Work-life balance and productivity in the workplace go hand in hand. Well-balanced individuals are the most productive employees. Therefore, companies that actively foster employee well-being and respect their employees’ personal time experience high productivity levels.

Happiness: By achieving work-life balance, people become inevitably happier in their everyday life. They get to truly enjoy the moment without stressing over some incident at work.

Sense of living life with a purpose: When we improve work-life balance, we are basically leaving out all the clutter that stresses us out. We engage in things that instigate our creativity and mindfulness.

Daily tips for your managing your time for Life Balance:

 Keep track of your time – It’s a no-brainer that in order to take control of your work-life balance you need to be aware of how your time is allocated on a daily basis.

Write down everything – If it needs to be done, write it down in one place you will refer back to.  Avoid sticky note chaos by using one calendar and one to do list with everything on it.

Manage your personal time on social media and games – Set a timer on your phone to limit your time on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Focus on one thing at a time–   Do not multi-task.  Multi-tasking means you are giving 50% of your attention and brain power to 2 things at once.  You will finish both more quickly, and with better results by focusing on one task at a time

Create a plan- Time management usually prompts us to break down our tasks and projects into more manageable bits.

Be flexible- Let go of Perfectionism- You will discover that most of the times you expect too much from yourself. Coming one step closer to work-life balance means lowering your expectations to a healthier level.

Some more tips for doing deeper in your own Life-Balancing Skills

  • Identify your current time management skills.
  • Set your goals for the day, every week, month, or even year.
  • Write your given tasks or plans on a to-do-list.
  • Build rituals into your life for your inner relaxation
  • Take time for yourself- Your pauses in-between work hours
  • Listen to your body- Take good care of yourself, exercise/ stretch
  • Maintain your overall well-being.

Take care.