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“We all have the power within us to make that one commitment to ourselves.It is all about taking that first step, making that first choice to have a breakthrough.”

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Services offered:

Reiki Sessions- Get your chakras balanced

Natural Holistic Detox- Cleanse your digestive system

Lifestyle Tune-up- Mind, body & Spirit experience

Restore and Fit Yoga- Stretch and strengthen

Meditation Classes- Get grounded

Motivational Speaker- Book Manali for your event!

About Manali:

Manali Scott, Owner and Spiritual Wellness Coach of Zen for You belongs to the
beautiful city Mumbai in India.

She is a Certified Nutritionist/ Naturotherapist, Personal Trainer, Certified Yoga
instructor, Reiki Master Teacher, a Motivational Speaker and a Rogers TV Wellness Expert host with an extensive experience in the field of Lifestyle Coaching, Energy Healing and Speaking engagements.

For more than 20 years, Manali through her Corporate Coaching, Reiki, Meditation
and Yoga coaching has been able to inspire clients globally to fill in the missing gaps in their mind, body & spirit connection. Her expertise in energy/chakra healing has provided transformational spiritual breakthroughs in her client’s lives to get more confident, ignite self-love and get more passionate about life itself.
Manali firmly believes that our mind and body are connected.

Every thought and emotion affects our chakras and energies and impacts how our
body feels. From her vast experience she believes that we can heal ourselves with
the right attitude and relaxation/healing techniques.

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