When we want to manifest our goals and dreams in life, we are often very impatient, of course, who likes to wait for their big dream?
So I guess your question is, how to manifest faster with the Law of Attraction?

What Is Manifestation?
If you’ve ever wondered why certain people seem to “have it all”, odds are that they’ve mastered something called “manifestation”. Manifestation is the process of turning a specific desired outcome into reality through focused visualization, unwavering belief, and intentional action.

Below are some of my favorite effective steps you can practice in your daily life for your manifestations:

  • Identify clearly what you want and why you want it
    You must be very specific—as if you were making a tailored order to the universe about what you want. You also need to be very clear about why you want something. What is your motivation? What drives you? Be specific with amounts, sizes, details: everything!
  • Release self-limiting beliefs
    your negative beliefs. To manifest and attract whatever you desire into your life, you need to be able to identify your positive and negative beliefs about manifestation, the law of attraction, and deservingness.
  • Feel good now
    Instead of putting your happiness on hold until you create the life you want, learn to feel good and appreciate your life now. Make a list of things that bring you joy.
  • Follow your intuition
    Whenever you get an intuitive feeling to create a new project, trust in that guidance and take action on it. When it comes to manifesting your dreams, you need to meet the Universe halfway by moving towards them.
  • Visualize
    Once you have your detailed tailor-made order to go, it is time to ask the universe for what you want. Write a letter, record audio, film a video, or make a visualization board to visualize what you want. Once you have designed your visualization board or have written your letter, set aside five minutes every day.
  • Practice positive affirmations
    Affirmations are a powerful tool to reprogram your subconscious mind and attract what you desire. Write a list of empowering beliefs that you want to have, such as “I am enough”. “I am powerful”. “I am loved”. “I am financially secure”.
  • Take action
    Every week, write down three actions that will bring you closer to your goals. They can be as big or small as you want.
  • Practice gratitude
    When you are living in a state of gratitude and appreciation for all of the blessings in your life, you are sending a clear signal to the Universe that you have everything that you desire.

Remember the law of attraction needs daily practice. Have patience and keep practicing these steps. The universe is on our side!

Love and light