balanceIt is important to be able to tune in to our inner rhythm and apply it in our relationships and everyday life.

At times it takes longer than usual to unplug from the world wide web of information and interaction we dwell in, and to plug into the socket of peace and energy that revitalizes us from within. However, it is important to find your rhythms and step in time with them every once in a while. And when you wish, to be able to connect to or walk in sync with the individual rhythms of others around you. And it is vital to stay connected also to the rhythm the Universe responds to -followed by Nature, animals and our own bodies.

Think about it?

Almost everything responds to a pace at times fast, other times slow.We go through phases that are good and bad, fast and slow, friendly and unfriendly. It is the choreographed dance of opposites that sets a pattern of rhythm the strong moments alternated with the weak, the dark patterns with the light, good times with bad times, high notes with low, approach with withdrawal, closeness with distancing… And so it is that a regulated pattern of opposites creates the perfect rhythmic balance for our lives, our health, and relationships, and for further movement of life.

Remember trying to jump onto a moving merry-go-round or on a slide/ swing in a park as a kid? I like to think life is also a bit like that. You study it, try to match your rhythm with it, and then make that jump at the appropriate moment to ride astride it! Miss the right rhythm and moment, and what would have been a smooth ride lands you hard on your backside! Our bodies follow Circadian rhythms of 24-hour cycles, which respond to light and darkness in the environment. This then accordingly influences our physical, mental and behavioral changes, setting our sleep-wake cycles, body temperature, digestive patterns, hormone release, etc. If we push our bodies unnaturally counter to this rhythm, we pay with ill health, disturbed sleep, obesity, diabetes, etc a fact that most physicians adhere to in their diagnoses.

Every relationship follows its rhythmic cycle.There is a time to advance, a time to retreat. A time to forge closer ties and live as one, another to retreat and allow each other space. So long as we match our rhythms perfectly to those of a loved one, each relationship would be perfectly matched and understood.

When we manage to tune in to our own inner rhythm and seek to apply it to our outer selves, we realize the full potential of life. Sleeping when you are tired, eating when hungry and working when alert help us harness our strengths and creativities to the utmost. We remain happier, become more patient and start eating and living and living out our relationships better.

Sometimes a moment that is a life-changer throbs with its own rhythm. If you are able to recognize it and match your rhythm to the moment, you have seized it! If not, it quietly passes by an opportunity lost! Rhythm of course is inexplicably linked to time and movement by its very definition. For rhythm is the regulated successive flow of sometimes strong, sometimes weak elements. Music is governed by rhythms, as is dance and poetry all marked by a basic unit of time, or beat. Art also follows a rhythmic flow, patterns that are regulated for a balanced end result.

The tempo of the movement may be slow or fast, or it may vary at times. The trick is in always staying connected with your own rhythm before seeking to sync it with other beats!

Choose your activities in life spiritual or fitness that keep you in this rhythm. If anything you do ; could be a job you are in; a relationship you are in; an activity that you are in; makes you feels out of rhythm, then alter it!

The choice always lies within you!