images (1)Do extraordinary people do things differently or face different challenges than ordinary folks?

You are not alone. No matter how imperfect, weak, or untalented you think you may be, you can still do amazing things. There is a power that you can tap into that enables ordinary people to do extraordinary things. It’s a power I access whenever I’ve done all I know to do, and it’s still not good enough. It’s the power by which anything remarkable in my life is accomplished. It’s not me – it’s this power that works through me. I’m just an ordinary person like anyone else.

Of course, the thought of choosing to be extraordinary can be overwhelming.
After all, where do you start? What do you do?
Do you write a best-selling book? Star in a movie? Start a business? How in the world can you be extraordinary?

The answer is: You take it one step at a time. The old saying that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step is so true. Every day, make the choice to be extraordinary at whatever it is you’re planning to do. It’s a daily decision. 

Take a few minutes each day to think about what an extraordinary person in your situation would do. Then, take that action rather than what you were going to do. Soon, people will look at you and think, “Wow! That person is extraordinary!”


Do you consider yourself an ordinary human being or an extraordinary one?

Most of the time the answer will emanate from your sense of self-worth or ego. “Oh yes, I am extraordinary of course!” Who wouldn’t wish to be extraordinary?

Ordinary people live and die. Extraordinary ones make a difference and live on through that difference. They set an example by the path they choose to tread, without even meaning to do so.

You do not have to do extraordinary things to be extraordinary; it is enough that you do ordinary things differently. It is enough that you live life by a set of values, without following the herd. And you have to follow the same set of rules for yourself as you do for others. Extraordinary people live the same life and face the same challenges as ordinary person do. But their response and set of values are different.

To me an extraordinary person is one who has a strong sense of what is right or wrong, and who chooses to stand by the right, no matter what the compulsions not to do so. The moment people compromise with morality, they become very, very ordinary for me.

Ordinary people will witness an accident or a victim of violence and carry on, allowing themselves a myriad excuses about why they cannot get involved. It is the extraordinary person who will step up and offer help or call up the cops or a helpline and ensure help reaches.

While ordinary people sit back and count the reasons for not doing all they could have done, extraordinary people act upon their ideas. They are not afraid of losing; the only thing that matters to them is realizing their dreams. They are not afraid of being wrong either, or of accepting mistakes and stepping back. You cannot hope to be more than ordinary if you do not believe in yourself and your own strengths.

Do you have any unique trait that others lean on you for? Have you cultivated a skill that benefits others? Or are you just part of the crowd – laughing, crying, criticizing, berating, eulogizing with the rest. 

Think about it. When you think“extraordinary” what kind of a person do you visualize? It is the one with the halo of a quiet confidence and calm; a person who knows where he is headed and is confident and helpful too. Someone you can rely upon and who will not take you for a ride. Someone who embraces his ordinariness in an extraordinary manner.

An extraordinary person lives his life fully. The trick to leading an extraordinary life is to lead your simple, ordinary life and be open to experiencing the extraordinary you find within it. Striving too hard to be different is not the way to stand out; rather it is the way to becoming an object of ridicule.

Just live your life fully and by your rules; do not make compromises you do not believe in.
Stand up for what is right and work with focus and sincerity.

Let’s take a stand today that we choose to be ‘Extraordinary’ and make a difference to ourselves and others!