We are in a special time where amidst all the chaos we really need some inner calm and peace.

The good thing is that we can all contribute to it. Achieving a sense of peace is not limited to monks, mystics, and hermits. The truth is that we all benefit from peace for our own well-being. And, peace can be achieved even in a home with family and at the workplace with co-workers. We know that peaceful people live much happier lives than others. Inner peace is not just for those who dedicate their lives to prayer or spirituality. Inner peace is attainable regardless of our lifestyle or occupation.

I perceive inner peace as being in a state of emotional and mental peace without disturbing thoughts and recognizing our control over our moods and reactions. It is essential for inner peace that we believe it’s possible and that we believe we are in control of our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Once we truly believe and acknowledge this, the foundation for inner peace has been built. When one attains inner peace you find that you are able to cope, in a healthy way, with any event or situation happening around you. inner peace does not take away or eliminate our anxieties or fears, rather inner peace allows us to cope with those anxieties and fears, through which we learn and move beyond those anxieties.

What is Inner peace?
Inner peace means a state of being mentally and spiritually at peace. It doesn’t mean that there is no noise or adversity, It means to be in midst of all those and still feel the peace and calmness in your heart. We must each find peace from within. When you carry peace within you, you have the ability to remain calm and joyful at all times, regardless of outside circumstances, or what life offers you at any given moment. Here are some definitions of inner peace:

  • Inner peace means being mentally and spiritually at peace.
    Inner peace means freeing your mind from worry and negative thoughts.
    Inner peace is a state in which the mind is quiet and serene.
    Inner peace is having the ability to connect to the supreme self which is eternally at peace.

There are so many advantages of inner peace. Some of them are as follows:

  1. You can easily Trust/Believe in Yourself: When you feel peaceful, you will be able to trust yourself more often and feel confident being yourself in any situation
  2. Better Understanding and Delivering Power: When you are capable of cutting all sorts of clutter from your life or giving it the least value and not letting it overcome you mentally or physically, you are simply making the world and things around you simpler and comfortable. The state of Inner peace can boost your focus, confidence, analytical skills thus helping you to plan your future in a better way, deliver better and take apt decisions timely.
  3. Health Booster: How will your health be with a positive set of mind, less or no tension at all? Yes, you are right my friends!  Peace of mind or calmness has a wonderful impact on your overall health.
  4. Helps you stay calm in all situations: Inner peace offers you calmness which helps you avoid mental health issues like stress, anxiety, and unnecessary worries. You will gradually develop patience and become capable enough to tolerate every possible thing
  5. Living in the Present Moments: Inner peace protects and safeguards you from overthinking and living in the past. It lets you avoid wandering and ruminating about negative past incidences or whatever people thought and said about you that made you feel emotionally weak or hurt.
  6. Improves Patience: It gives us the ability to be more patient and tolerant of the views of others without the need for anger reactions or responses.
  7. Reduces mental and physical illness: Psychological peace helps you to stay healthy both physically and mentally at the same time and thus reduces mental and physical illness.
  8. The path towards happiness: When you start living a peaceful lifestyle, you gradually start welcoming happiness to your life. Your peaceful heart can make you happy over every little thing. It can also help you to share happiness with the people around you.
  9. Improves Focus & Concentration: Your peaceful life can help you concentrate on what you want and what you don’t. It makes it easy for you to stay focused on your own goals.
  10. Personal & Spiritual Growth– Your inner calm provides the inner strength and power when we really need it the most. Gives direction and clarity to life decisions.

I agree it’s difficult to ignore negative things in life and move on but this is how life is!

We all face problems in life rather it is part and parcel of this unknown journey. Each one of us can find our inner peace. We just need to practice calming our minds and connecting with our deeper intuitive messages. The path is through acceptance and enlightenment that whatever may come or go I will maintain calmness and not overreact in any sort of situation.

Developing a state of mental ease is not as difficult as it sounds. Everything needs practice and consistency.