We all go through times of uncertainty and moments when life seems unpredictable. During those times, staying positive and motivated is a challenge. All of us have our own reasons to worry about.

Positive thinking is a mental and emotional attitude that focuses on the bright side of life and expects positive results. A positive person anticipates happiness, health, and success, and believes he or she can overcome any obstacle and difficulty.

A positive attitude is something that goes deeper and has an effect beyond surface cheer. Negative attitudes promote fear, and a narrowing of focus and the mind, while positive attitudes do the opposite. No one should live in a constant state of “fight or flight”, but negative attitudes create exactly that scenario.

Here are my top favorite tips you can try to create positive thinking a habit:

Surround yourself with positive people.
The old saying “birds of a feather flock together” can be viewed in
two ways. Either people who are similar naturally find each other, or people in a group become the same over time.

Start Cleaning Your Home and Life From Old Things
Think about Feng Shui – old things (like old clothes, receipts, kitchen supplies) are considered trash and they don’t allow a free life-giving energy flow, and bring new changes in life or new objects. They also block us from thinking positively.

Fill your mind with positive input
The same way that the people you around change you to be more like them, so is what you feed your mind.

Notice your words
Be conscious of the words you use when speaking and thinking.

Be Thankful No Matter What
If we are not thankful and take everything for granted, we start believing that other people owe us and we are never happy with how much we get. Gratitude kick starts the Law of Attraction.

Create a routine for the day
A morning routine is especially good since for many people, the morning is both when we’re most alert and awake yet sometimes not able to buckle down and get started.

Create high points each day and week
It’s important to notice our tiny victories and acknowledge ourselves. Try this affirmation ” I am enough”.

Remove Toxic People From Your Life
Cleaning up your relationships with other people and letting some of them go will save your energy dollars. It’s time to revisit your life and detach yourself from such negative people.

The power of positivity is not something which is God-gifted or which can be attained by a chosen few only. Rather it is the innate nature or quality of the self in every human being which can be brought to the fore through cultivation and practice. Remember when you think positively, it is only the ‘good things’ that happen. Start building your positivity muscle today!

Love and light,
Manali Scott