It is important for us not to pass on our emotional baggage to others. This doesn’t mean we have to be all sorted out, as this is a state of being this doesn’t really exist, and those who think they are, need help even more. The journey is never-ending, Awareness, Release and Transformation.

How do we get rid of our emotional pain?

  1. Let Go of Rejection.
  2. Turn Failure Into Something Positive. …
  3. Use Self-Affirmations if You Have Low Self-Esteem.
  4. Meditate
  5. Get balanced and healed by Reiki
  6. Journaling

Emotions are energy in motion. To stay healthy and happy we need to move, breathe and experience our emotions. Stress causes shallow breathing. This slows down our chi or life energy. When we repress emotions they are held in our bodies. When we are unable to fully experience emotions, we store them as tension, muscle aches, upset stomachs, migraines, nightmares, tiredness, panic attacks, depression, etc. Our bodies’ natural response is to shut down as we are unable to cope with the myriad of emotions – but they stay in our bodies until they can be released.

There are so many therapies available these days; so many different names claiming to do so many different things; the one thing they all have in common is they all hope to make us feel better about ourselves.Each client brings healing to the therapist/healer as the therapist/healer brings healing to the client. I, however, feel that a therapist/healer cannot take a client where they haven’t been yet or are not willing to go themselves.

For me, I think it is very difficult to work in the area of healing and not continue to heal oneself. This could apply to any field of work really when you think about it. If a financial adviser is not up-to-date on what’s going on, is he/she really be coming from a place that is good for you?

Would you invest in someone who doesn’t invest in themselves?

This does not mean you have to go and do every course that comes along, which so many do. It means growing within yourself. You need to find a treatment/modality that can help you release your emotional baggage, get grounded and de-stressed.

My top recommendation would be Reiki for releasing negative emotions. Reiki is a Japanese healing and chakra balancing technique. Myself, being a Reiki Master Teacher/ Practioner for the last 25 years; I have seen some powerful transformations in clients have felt lighter, released negative emotions/thoughts and are more balanced after a Reiki session. A must ‘try’ experience!

At the heart of Reiki is the belief that each one of us has the potential to heal and transform our lives to discover who we truly are. As we release our emotional blocks a true and lasting understanding emerges within, an inner knowing. Life starts to make more sense. We finally believe that fulfillment and peace do exist; we are at one with ourselves.

Find your pathway for releasing your emotions. Try the tips above, but most important believe in yourself that you are ready to replace negative emotions with positive ones.

Would love to help you on your spiritual path. Feel free to email me at [email protected] to try your first Reiki session for 30 minutes…time to receive and release!