Hi everyone!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend. 🙂

As the end of the year approaches I’m sure many of us are feeling overwhelmed and drained, especially with the holidays coming up! Most of us are unconscious as to how we use our mental energy in our everyday lives and have difficulty knowing what areas of our lives we need to work on changing. That being said, I’m going to share with you some zen tips for increasing your energy!

-Breathe deeply through your stomach. In this way you take in more oxygen and oxygen equals energy. It will perk you up instantly. Only 5 deep breaths will make a difference.

-Eat a banana. As well as lifting your blood sugar more slowly and sustainably, it contains potassium, which regulates your blood pressure.

-Think of a time when you felt really energized and fix it in your mind. Then when you need a boost, close your eyes and recall this scene.

-Put a picture of an energizing scene or photo etc on your wall or have a token like a stone or shell, which reminds you of an energizing walk, somewhere handy.

-Use essential oil – Rosemary increase awareness and enhances memory; Rose enhances your mood and lifts your spirit; Lemon is stimulating; Jasmine promotes positive thinking.

-Start the day with a list and cross things off as you achieve them. There is nothing more energizing than seeing the list get shorter and knowing that you have done it all. But don’t put too much on the list in the first place.

-Smile at yourself in a mirror – even a hand one or a make-up bag mirror. Even go a step further, look yourself in the eyes and tell yourself you love you. It get’s easier with practice.

I hope these tips help you! Have a great week.