Chakras 101:
According to ancient Indian philosophy, there are seven main energy centers in the body known as chakras. Each chakra (energy center) is located throughout our body so that it correlates to specific body ailments and physical dysfunctions. Each energy center also houses our mental and emotional strengths. When we have a physical issue, it creates weaknesses in our emotional behavior. When we release the stale energy from the body, it can undo tightness, stiffness, or malfunction of that area.

Why do our Chakras get blocked?
A chakra can be seen as a program of consciousness that acts like a vortex – a disk of spinning energy where body, mind, and spirit meet. At the core of each of us spin seven main chakras aligned along the spine starting from the base up to the crown of the head. Each chakra in our body has a location that corresponds to a particular aspect of our endocrine system as well as governs certain physical areas of the body. Additionally, each chakra houses mental and emotional aspects.

Stress and Anxiety- Chakra Drainers:
Some of the most common causes, which create a blocked chakra, include stress and anxiety. These have a direct influence on our body creating a tightness within the body’s tissue, which then restricts the flow of Qi or Prana. Ongoing stress, anxiety, or negative emotions, can reduce our mind’s ability to focus peacefully (meditating) on the movement of energy throughout our body.

Common symptoms and warning signs:
The clearing of the energy can also balance our emotional state of mind. The Chakra Mind-Body Balance is a two-way street: if there are certain fears and emotions we are holding on to, we experience physical restrictions, too. If you have aches or stiffness, or certain reoccurring emotions and fears, read along and you may find out which chakra is affected or blocked.

Some of the general most common warning signs if your chakras are imbalanced are :

  • Something feels “off.”
  • Relationships are stressful
  • Feel like you are having a burnout
  • You get sick.
  • You start making silly mistakes.
  • Everything seems to be falling apart.
  • Life feels like a full plate- chaotic
  • Old emotional baggage keeps triggering you
  • Lack of self-confidence
  • Lack of focus
  • Self-doubts and inability to make decisions

Each of these general imbalances manifests as specific physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual imbalances in each chakra.

Can a blocked chakra affect your health?
100 % Yes- Blocked chakras can impact your health at many levels. This includes your organs, bones, joints, and tissues near that area. It’s important to pay attention to both the psychological and physiological sensations because they can inform each other and uncover the root cause of the experience.

Experiencing too much stress — physically or mentally — may cause one or more chakras to be out of balance. Personal habits such as poor physical alignment or posture, eating unhealthy food, or self-destructive behavior may cause a chakra to be imbalanced.

Step one for starting your chakra unblocking:
Step 1- Self-Awareness:
Identify your symtoms. If you are experiencing stress and/or are having any of the symptoms listed above; it’s very important that you asap start doing activities that will unblock and amplify your chakras.

Reiki Healing (Japanese Energy Healing & Chakra Balancing technique) and Meditations are phenomenal for getting immediate chakra balance and release symptoms.

Love and light,